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The SavATree Lawn Care Advantage: Experts Applying Solid Science

Lawn Care

Every step of the process, at SavATree Lawn Care, we follow the science. In the care & maintenance of your property, we exclusively use research-proven treatments and cutting-edge techniques. Because thats the only way to ensure a lush, green, and long-term healthy lawn.

Our highly-trained lawn specialists provide SavATree lawn care. They have a good understanding of what they’re doing and enjoy it.

Why should you go with SavATree Lawn Care?

  • We provide you with the outcomes you desire. Homeowners and property managers that want a beautiful, healthy lawn choose us. Our certified arborists have the technical and scientific know-how to cultivate and maintain healthy grass plants on your lawn — the only approach to ensure a healthy, thick, and bright turf. We mean it when we say we provide personalised lawn care. Unlike other lawn care firms that adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, our arborists select the optimal treatment for your lawn after getting to know it. • SavATree takes an environmentally conscious approach to lawn care, tailoring their processes and applications to the exact circumstances of your grass plants, the soil they’re growing in, and any other characteristics of your property that may affect the health of your turf. Every product we employ is thoroughly examined to verify its efficacy and safety. Our specialists use SavATree’s custom-designed trucks to treat weeds and other problems in a targeted, spot-treatment technique that accurately delivers treatments only where they’re needed.
  • The Unconditional SavATree Guarantee: If our services ever fall short of your expectations, we will make every effort to rectify the situation. You can also stop using our services at any time. However, we’re convinced you’ll love what we do based on feedback from our 35,000 satisfied customers who constantly give us very high Net Promoter Scores!

Lawn Care

The SavATree Lawn Care Program is tailored to your lawn’s specific needs and priorities.

We all know that the key to effective treatment and long-term health is a correct diagnosis. The same can be for your lawn.

Step 1: Examine the soil.

The condition of the soils in which your turfgrass grows has a direct impact on its health. That’s why we begin our lawn care programme by analysing soil samples from your property in a laboratory. The nutrient content, the proportion of organic matter present, pH levels, soil compaction, and other features are all revealed by the soil analysis. Our arborist will also accompany you on a stroll around your property to check the turf conditions and discuss your priorities.

Lawn Care

Step 2: Establishing a Customized and Consistent Nutrition Plan

Lawn fertiliser is necessary for the establishment and maintenance of a lush, healthy lawn. That’s why the continuous, well-timed application of nutrients customised to the demands of your turf and soil is at the heart of every SavATree Lawn Care programme. Our experienced arborists will offer the feeding regimen that is best for your lawn based on the soil analysis and their inspection of your property.

Yes, maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn demands dedication, but the results are well worth it! Be wary of the desire for a quick fix. Other lawn care businesses could advocate “one-and-done” fertiliser applications that force your lawn to green up quickly. But that’s a bad idea: not only might forced rapid growth harm the turfgrass, but it’ll also bring back the same problems.

Lawn Care

Our professional arborists at SavATree will identify and treat the underlying issues that led your lawn to become infected in the first place. We cultivate the soil environment that helps your lawn get and stay healthy by feeding the soil and grass with the nutrients they require. There isn’t any guesswork involved.

Organic Lawn Care is an option in the SavATree Lawn Care Program. We provide a multi-pronged, 100 percent organic lawn care programme that helps you cultivate a lush, green lawn while being environmentally conscious.

  • Lawn Care That Is Integrated As needed, our popular Integrated Program combines fertilisation with weed control treatments and surface insect control.
  • Lawn Care with a Twist Our Hybrid Program enables you to strike a compromise between your goal for a healthy, beautiful lawn and your desire to use organic materials on your property. To improve the qualities of your soil, we utilise superior organic fertilisers. Weeds are treated using grade synthetic products in a careful manner.
  • Lawn Care with All Nutrients Our All-Nutrient programme focuses exclusively on turf nutrition and is an excellent choice for lawns in need of a boost rather than a complete makeover.

Lawn Care

Enhancements to Lawn Care: Additional Problem-Solvers for your SavATree Lawn Care Program

When needed, your SavATree arborist may suggest targeted additional applications to address specific insect, disease, weed, or other turf issues.

Among the services offered are:

Treatment and Prevention of Lawn Disease

Leaf spot, brown patches, red thread, and other lawn diseases can thrive in situations of high humidity, wetness, soil chemistry, and particular types of turfgrass. Your SavATree arborist will propose a lawn disease treatment based on a review of the types of grass in your landscape as well as the growing conditions.

New Lawn Services & Seeding

SavATree’s premium grass seed blends were developed in collaboration with universities to help you obtain a lush, green lawn that is naturally resistant to disease, insects, and weeds. Your SavATree arborist can assist you in selecting the ideal seed mixtures for restoring or establishing a new lawn.

Lawn Care

Treatments for weed control.

(Please note that special weed treatments are included of our Integrated Lawn Care packages.)

Weed control begins with a thorough inspection of your turf to identify unwanted growth early on. Once weeds have been identified, our experts use a targeted, spot-treatment strategy – employing SavATree’s custom-designed vehicles – to administer treatments precisely where they’re required. For weed management, our lawn care experts use two methods: pre-emergence weed control treatments and post-emergence weed control treatments.

Controlling Insects and Grubs

Even the healthiest landscapes can be harmed by insects and grubs. An existing pest infestation will be identified and treated by our arborists. They will also provide advice on how to avoid repeat infestations.

Aeration of the Core

The inspection of your lawn may reveal regions of compaction, or when soil particles are squeezed closely together. This condition can obstruct air and water flow to the soil, weakening the root structure of your lawn. Core aeration, a method that involves removing soil cores from your lawn in order to increase water, air, & nutrient movement in the soil, is the antidote.

Lawn Care

Amendments to the soil: Sulfur, Gypsum, and Lime

If soil testing find that your soil is either excessively acidic or too alkaline, adding minerals like lime, gypsum, or sulphur can help to balance things out. A balanced pH permits lawn fertiliser and existing nutrients to be absorbed more effectively by your landscape’s grass plants.

Professional lawn care can aid in the development of thick, healthy turf with bright colour. Whether you need to treat your existing lawn, have problems growing grass, or simply want to learn more about SavATree service options, SavATree’s lawn experts are here to help.

Lawn Care

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