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15 Best Sites to Download Free Movies and Software Similar to LimeTorrents


This post will explain limetorrents. LimeTorrents is a prominent torrent site where you can get free music, movies, and software. However, the website is being blocked by the government in numerous regions, primarily due to piracy. So, if you’re unable to utilise LimeTorrents or are seeking for an alternative, we’ve compiled a long list of options for you. Some of them may also be blocked depending on where you live. Use a VPN service in such instance. It will allows you to open that website while also assisting you in concealing your online identity.

15 Best Sites to Download Free Movies and Software Similar to LimeTorrents

In this article, you can know about limetorrents here are the details below;

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, another prominent torrent site, will be the first on our list. The site’s best feature is its stability, which is superior to LimeTorrents. The site offers music, videos, films and TV shows, software, and games for download. There is also a forum option, where you may communicate with other site people and stay up to speed on the latest news.



Then there’s RARBG, which is yet another excellent alternative. It has consistently appeared in TorrentFreak’s annual list of most visited torrent websites since 2014. You may download all types of torrent files from the site, and the server is also quite good. Although some regions may not be able to access the site.

3. 1337x


Then there’s 1337x. When it comes to torrent sites, the most of them appear to be outdated. However, this site has a fantastic user interface. You can get movies, TV shows, games, music, apps, and even documentaries to download. The site also has a few shortcuts, such as Top 100 and Trending, that make it easy to find files.

4. KickassTorrents


KickassTorrents, which was founded in 2008, is a repository for torrent files and magnet links that enables peer-to-peer file sharing utilising the BitTorrent protocol. Every day, more than one million files are downloaded from the site, indicating its popularity. You can access the site without using a VPN in most countries.

5. YTS


Next up is YTS, which, unlike most torrent sites, focuses mostly on movies and television series. The user interface is very attractive, featuring large thumbnails and information about the films. The quality of the videos and the small file size are the key reasons why people like YTS.

6. TorLock


Next, we’ll look at TorLock, which features a user interface that’s comparable to KickassTorrents. The site is easy to find, and there are various programmes and games to choose from. This website is your best bet if you enjoy watching anime, and it comes with a massive collection of 4.8 million files and counting. People can thumb up or down files after downloading them on the main page, saving everyone else time from downloading low-quality files.

7. Zooqle


Zooqle is a younger rival in the torrent industry, with over 37000 movies and 600+ series and TV shows in its repertoire. Aside from that, the site offers software, games, and music for download. Hopefully, as the site grows in popularity, the developers will continue to update it.

8. Torrentz2 was one of the best and most popular torrent websites on the website. However, the site was taken down, and people began hunting for alternatives such as LimeTorrent. However, the people of that site have returned with Torrentz2, which promises to be more secure. Although you can download a variety of files from this site, if you are an audiophile, this is your paradise.



ETTV Central, on the other hand, offers games, TV shows, music, anime, and movies. There are a variety of filters to help you narrow down your search results, and you can download movies in resolutions ranging from 720P to 4K and even 3D. The fact that every time you open the site, you’ll find a funny post at the bottom is a nice feature.

10. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is a nice alternative to LimeTorrents if you want stability. It’s also a well-designed and easy-to-use website. You can even search engine for torrents based on how active, seeded, or leeched they are, which is fantastic. To make it easy to find, the best variants of files are also validated.

11. iDope


We’re coming close to the end of the list, and iDope is up next. It has a website, just like the others on the list, but you can also download the iDope APK file to install it on your Android. You will be able to search engine torrent files when away from your PC if you do this. However, it can only find torrents and not download them. You’ll need to install an official Torrent application from the Google Play Store to do so.

12. Sport Videos

Sport Video

You probably already figured out why this website exists based on the name. Torrents of sports videos and other sport-related stuff can be downloaded from the site. Although the user interface isn’t the best, it’s designed for a certain audience, and the core subject might often take precedence over the entire user experience.

13. Monova


If you’ve ever downloaded something as a torrent file, you’ve probably heard about Monova at least once. It’s a torrent search site with one of the most comprehensive collections in the library. Monova’s popularity is declining since other competitors provide a superior user experience to the audience.

14. NYAA


If anime is something you’re interested in, NYAA will give you with all of the content you could ever want. This website is designed to be an anime torrent download website, with subcategories to help you search what you’re looking for. Make careful to activate ad blockers if you encounter pop-ups or advertisements.

15. Metal Tracker

Metal Tracker

Last but not least, there’s Metal Tracker, a torrent search engine dedicated solely to metal music. The user interface isn’t particularly appealing, but you’ll be able to find any metal song or album you’ve ever heard. However, in order to download any files, you must first register, which is not ideal. Yes, it’s not a movie site, but I included it because I’m also a metalhead and there aren’t many articles about music websites.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the best LimeTorrents alternatives that you may use from any alternative. As previously said, we recommend that you use a VPN service while visiting any of these websites. Please let-us know if you come up with a better alternative that will benefit your fellow readers.

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