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Best free alternatives to Microsoft Word word processor in 2022

Microsoft Word

You may quickly and easily create common documents with the best free word processor without having to pay for a licence or membership.

Without utilising a spreadsheet tool or a presentation builder, you might be able to get by, but text files are a necessity. While there are numerous excellent free word processing programmes for Microsoft Word, they frequently lack the capabilities of more expensive programmes.

Even if they do, problems with document format compatibility when transferring across software programmes, especially when transferring to Microsoft Word, may arise.

Although we’re focusing on the best free offline word processors, there are many excellent browser-based programmes to take into account if you’d rather write online.

The most obvious free microsoft word choice is Google Docs, which also has the added bonus of automatically saving your work, so you don’t have to worry if your internet connection goes down. As there is no longer a requirement to send work to a different cloud storage provider, it is also a fantastic alternative for teamwork. However, it has a limited selection of templates, no mechanism to import text from other Google apps, issues with formatting when importing, is an online version of Microsoft Word, and is surrounded with distractions like social media for any online tool.

Can I Download Microsoft Word For Free? Here are the best free word processors and Microsoft Word alternatives that will provide you with a reliable working environment. Download free Microsoft Word for use both at home and at work.

Best Microsoft Word Alternatives

1. WPS Office Free Writer

Microsoft Word

Switching to Writer, the word processing component of WPS Office Free, will be a cinch if you’ve recently used a recent version of Microsoft Word.

This free word processor, Microsoft Word Online, feels and sounds almost just like its premium counterpart. It even has its own version of OneDrive, which offers 1GB of cost-free online storage.

It has a number of pre-installed templates for all the necessary document types, and you can easily make your own for more specialised projects using word free download. It works with any sort of text file imaginable, including current and old Microsoft Word versions going all the present back to Office 97.

WPS Office Writer is supported by inconspicuous adverts, which may be turned off by switching to the paid version. These advertisements are hardly noticeable, and there are no features that are restricted to paying customers. WPS Writer is a fantastic word processor all around, and we think it’s the most potent free word processor currently available.

2. FocusWriter

Microsoft Word

If you just want to scribble some words without worrying about formatting, you may use Windows’ built-in Notepad programme. However, Microsoft Office Word FocusWriter is stocked with cutting-edge capabilities that will increase productivity while being unobtrusive.

Microsoft Word’s FocusWriter shuts off all distractions so you can completely concentrate on that important first draught. Focused Text offers a game-changing feature that fades everything but the present paragraph or sentence into the background. In normal use, all you have is a blank sheet because toolbars only emerge when you drag your mouse pointer to the screen’s edge.

You don’t need to keep an eye on a counter with FocusWriter’s free Microsoft Word alarms that sound at set intervals or when you reach a predetermined word count. FocusWriter is a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with the Microsoft Word Pomodoro Technique, which involves working hard for just long enough to be effective but not too long that you become fatigued.

Although FocusWriter isn’t the best word editing download, it’s really productive.

3. LibreOffice Writer

Microsoft Word

Although LibreOffice is an offshoot of Apache OpenOffice and both offer comparable word editing tools, LibreOffice is preferred because it gets more frequent updates and has a larger user base.

The writer is a feature-rich imitation of Microsoft Word that includes all the tools you’ll need for a free word document that is used for a text-based project.

Both versions of Writer contain Microsoft Word wizards and templates for common document types, like invoices and letters. It’s also simple to create your own layouts for later use. You may use Base to create a bibliography as an example of how to obtain word for free because word processors connect with the other office programmes in their respective suites.

Both word processors support all of the most popular file types and can export documents to PDF without additional software. Either of these two alternatives will do if you’re looking for a free word processor to take the place of Microsoft Word.

4. FreeOffice TextMaker

Microsoft Word

The word processing module of SoftMaker FreeOffice, TextMaker, is stylish and comes with a word of free templates for creating letters and other commonplace documents. Despite having a smaller selection than its rivals, you can still develop new designs and obtain them in TMV form for later usage.

This present word processor has accurate and up-to-date options for advanced formatting, the ability to create databases for managing bibliographies and footnotes, and a mechanism for tracking changes to collaborative work.

The main drawback of TextMaker is that you can’t save your text in DOCX format. Download microsoft word free. Only the premium edition of SoftMaker Office has access to this function.

5. Writemonkey

you might be able to get by, but text files are a necessity. While there are numerous excellent free word processing programmes for Microsoft Wordyou might be able to get by, but text files are a necessity. While there are numerous excellent free word processing programmes for Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word

Another straightforward word processor that lets you makes the most of your time without worrying about editing and formatting is WriteMonkey. It is great for getting initial thoughts down on paper so you may refine them later. It is not intended for formal paperwork like letters or CVs.

You must convert any unfinished works before opening them in WriteMonkey Word because it only works with TXT files, unlike FocusWriter, which accepts all of the most common text formats. The WriteMonkey word download’s hidden controls are likewise harder to locate; everything is available through a sizable right-click menu or a long set of keyboard shortcuts.

Free word download, however WriteMonkey will be quicker to use than toolbar-based solutions if you’re prepared to learn such shortcuts.

We also enjoy not having to open a browser window and risk giving in to the temptations of Twitter and Facebook how to gets microsoft word for free to look up words on Wikipedia, Google Images, Poetry.com, Answers.com, and a myriad of other websites.

There is no need to install WriteMonkey because it is a portable word processor for linux; simply extract all downloaded contents to a USB drive or cloud storage platform, then run WriteMonkey.exe to launch it.

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