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A multi-layered web security strategy has six advantages.

multi-layered web security strategy

It takes more than one layer to defend your web infrastructure because of the rising number of system endpoints, unauthorised access, and the adaptability of criminal users. A multi-layered web security strategy is necessary in the modern era to protect your precious web assets. A security strategy with so many levels, each targeting a different endpoint or vulnerability, is known as a holistic approach.

Fortunately, building a multilayered system is easier than it might seem. Getting high-quality security certifications can be the easiest and least expensive place to start before adding depth. This could entail implementing firewalls, cryptography, public key management, and other encryption measures. What’s the goal? must always be 1 step ahead of your next attacker and to prevent, neutralise, or delay attacks.

Here are the top six advantages of a multi-layered strategy to web security.

1. Tough to Make Compromises

With each additional layer of security you add to your web infrastructure, the probability that your systems will be compromised lowers. Physical access control, for example, is just one security measure that is unlikely to be sufficient on its own. A combination of strategies, such as embracing encryption and certificate management, is more efficient since there is power in numbers.

You have a solid layer that is prepared to be incorporated into your overall security strategy thanks to access control, encryption, and efficient public key management.

2. Reduces the Chances of Downtime

According to GlobeNewswire, system compromise is the second-leading source of downtime, behind human error. Fortunately, a multifaceted web security strategy can handle cybersecurity and human error.

For instance, a staff member’s human error could open the door for a system infiltration, which would eventually cause downtime. In accordance with your strategy, you can lessen the impact, duration, and effects of unanticipated system downtimes by implementing appropriate access control, SSL key management, and firewalls.

3. A Proactive Approach

You can switch from an reactive to a proactive security mindset by adopting a multi-layered security strategy. You can now monitor systems and foresee assaults thanks to the abundance of analytics, reporting, and alerting that multi-layered security systems provide. Your systems are better able to recognise and address vulnerabilities before they develop into threats with the help of this data.

4. Saving money

Not only is prevention preferable than cure, but it is also typically much less expensive. Spending money on developing a strong and comprehensive web security approach allows you to avoid using up resources during an attack. According to Statista, the average cost of an cyber attack in 2022 will be $4.35 million, and the impact to customer satisfaction and brand reputation will increase the cost.

Building a strong, multi-layered defence is always less expensive than paying the final price after a terrible breach, depending on your business.

5. Customer Satisfaction

In discussions about cybersecurity, the customer is sometimes forgotten. However, from the start, the customer has always been at the centre of cyber security. Better customer experiences provide you a competitive edge if your web system is strong and never crashes or slows down. Your best option for such a system is to rely on a multifaceted security approach that lowers the probability of system failure and mitigates it should it occur.

6. System and security backups that are adequate

The majority of security systems have overlapping capabilities. For instance, access controls to information can be implemented via encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Encryption will serve as a backup to secure your data in the information that one of these systems—say let’s the MFA—is compromised, preventing further harm until you are aware of and address this issue. If so, implementing a multi-layered security system will create crucial backups for all of your security investments.

Using a multi-layered web security strategy in your company has many advantages. Don’t wait for a catastrophe to inspire you to start protecting your systems; do it now.

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