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Top Windows PC MyCam Alternatives in 2022


Everyone appreciates having their picture taken and making memories. No one wants to appear unpleasant in photographs, therefore filters and other image-enhancing software have become increasingly popular. In reality, new software has just been released that may shape your face and give you a particular look, improving the appearance of your photos. The webcam photos are now the problem.

There is nothing you can to change the fact that webcam photographs are frequently unsightly, right? Since there are specific applications for this, there is no issue if you lack a solution. Such such app is MyCam. MyCam is a fantastic camera programme for Microsoft Windows that was produced by E2ESOFT. The programme allows users to take images and record videos using a webcam. Such movies and image files were afterwards opened by MyCam, who enhanced them by adding visually pleasant video effects and photo filters to them.

As a result, you are concerned of the worry that your camera will capture embarrassing and awful images and movies. The webcam’s ability to support multiple languages is its best feature. Among the languages it can handle are Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, French, German, Turkish, Thai, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Additionally, users of MyCam can stream video to a streaming server and store webcam images on their phones by uploading media files to their phones using the Album feature. Additionally, barcodes and QR codes can be scanned. The user-friendly interface and orderly layout of MyCam are well renowned. Both novice & seasoned traders can benefit from it.

The tool is excellent for capturing the screen, layering images, and making broadcasts that seem professional on their preferred platforms. Additionally, it may be used to create backgrounds, transitions, the date and time, and sketches with a variety of effects while conversing. It is one of the most tempting features for chatting with friends because of all of these qualities.


Check out some of its highlights.

  • It produces interesting live streaming across a variety of devices and enhances the quality of video chats.
  • MyCam offers a layout that is customizable and is continually adding new features.
  • Using 3D Face Maks and other breathtaking effects, it enables users to take part in exciting video chats and live streaming sessions.


  • It has the ability to simultaneously broadcast on a time of channels.
  • It features top-notch microphone audio effects, like voice alteration and distortion.
  • MyCam includes the ability to record and export to MP4, AVI, and GIF file formats. It also contains 12 different video, audio, and picture sources that have been proven to be the best for professional-looking streaming.
  • It may be used with any instant messaging tool that supports a camera, including Camfrog, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Paltalk, and a variety of other apps.
  • It offers streaming and live videos in high quality.
  • MyCam has better motion detection.
  • High-definition video and live streaming are offered by MyCam.
  • It offers a cautious mode preview before creating live videos.
  • It emphasises important news in particular and enriches the broadcast with names, locations, and a variety of other information.


  • There aren’t many HD resolutions on it.
  • Each time you add an effect addition to your favourites, you are limited to three.

System Requirements

  • For it to function, a webcam and another video source are required.
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10 are all compatible with MyCam.
  • An Intel Core i3 CPU is necessary.
  • It calls for 2GB of RAM.

What is novel about MyCam?

Version 7.4 of the software from MyCam has also been published. It offers various enhancements as well as a number of new features. Currently, you may:

  • You can include Skype video calls as a source by using NDI input.
  • Better-quality virtual backgrounds are now available.
  • The most recent version now supports hardware acceleration for both Windows and Mac users.
  • With the most recent version, you can now crop the camera layer to the right size and shape.

We have compiled an list of the best MyCam alternatives for your convenience, but if you still think there are superior alternatives to MyCam that you ought to try.

Top Windows PC MyCam Alternatives in 2022

We have compiled an complete list of the best MyCam substitutes. These are all capable, user-friendly tools for editing photos and videos that have wonderful features including delayed shooting support, video streaming, delivering media to mobile devices, opening and playing video or image files, amazing video effects, and high-quality image processing. So let’s get started without further ado.

1. Cheddar


The next option on the list of intriguing MyCam options is cheese. There are many excellent features included with it. The primary reasons for its popularity is the convenience it offers. For making quick movies and sharing them with others, it is easy to use. One of the more flexible options is cheese, which enables users to shoot a number of images simultaneously, each from a different angle, much like a smartphone camera.

In addition to everything else, Cheese lets you add humorous effects to both movies and photos. You can also alter the appearance of images, alter their colour, save movies and photos, view the photos you’ve recorded, and erase them. People can also find the answers they need by using “common concerns and queries.”

2. Camira


Cameroid is hence at the top of the list of the best MyCam alternatives. This is the top most practical method for creating a wider variety of images, and it only requires a regular webcam. This function offers several modes with a variety of possibilities, such as adding effects to give images comedic and artistic overtones. It’s not just for taking pictures and adding effects.

It contains a wide variety of fantastic tools for changing the colours of compositional scenes, as well as distortions and a variety of different filters. Among the most spectacular features are photo frames and interesting backgrounds. In addition to all of this, Cameroid allows users total flexibility over how they add images from a huge library to a desired box.

So, in terms of the background, you can always play around with it by putting your face on the dwarf’s body, a well-concerned image like the Mona Lisa, or whatever you like. In essence, Cameroid, like MyCam, enables you to take amusing photographs without charge. The photos could subsequently be kept on your computer or through an online storage service. Finally, Cameroid enables users to share photos to social media.

3. Camorama


Another top MyCam replacement is Camorama. It has a wide variety of amazing picture filters to make your photos. Users of this programme can view webcam recordings and add fascinating information to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to its other features, Camorama may now upload photographs via FTP. Simply told, the program’s authors created it in order to understand more about V41. At a faster pace, Camorama is capable of providing quality outcomes. Recent updates have also added new features. In order to utilise it, your computer must have both V41 and gnome2 installed.

4. Kamoso


Following MyCam as the best option is Kamoso. It’s a potent GPL-licensed substitute that will enable you to take images with your camera that turn out better. With this app, photographs and movies can be taken and afterwards shared with friends. There are two sets of buttons when you first download the app: one on the right and one on the left. Additionally, there is a button that you can push at the exact centre of the screen. It’s simple to use this button, which performs similarly to the camera centre button on most smartphones.

The best feature of Kamoso is that it offers the photographer about 2-3 seconds of preparation time before taking a picture. Burst mode is initiated by pressing the right button on the camera’s right side. As soon as the camera turns on, burst mode is activated. Users can get help from Kamoso with uploading the photographs to Facebook and YouTube as well as advice on how to do it.

5. CamStar


It is among the greatest and most expensive alternatives to MyCam. It’s a better option, even better than cell phones. The programme features 45 breathtaking effects. The self-timer and Live FX camera are extra features. Additionally, it might be shared via social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

With the help of this app’s outstanding effects, make your images stand out. This features a lot of different effects, such as 4 Rainbow, Vintage, Half Negative Fortify Colorbooth Mirror Poster Fx, Bokeh Lomo Bulge Vintage Photo, and more. You may easily explore and share your photos with your favourite social media networks with CamStar’s basic gallery.

6. Webcamoid


There are other excellent Webcam options besides MyCam. It has a tonne of amazing features and is free and open-source. Users of Windows, GNU/Linux, and Macintosh have another option. The Webcamoid is capable of a variety of helpful tasks, including taking images and films.

One of Webcamoid’s main points is its ability to handle numerous cameras and provide entertaining effects. Programming languages Qt and C++ were used to write the code for Webcamoid. This package comes with 60 breathtaking effects. There is also the option of translation into numerous languages. The ability to customise each webcam’s settings and use the Virtual Webcam to feed other programmes are its two most major features.

7. UVC Viewer GTK+


As an alternative to the default user interface, it is cosy and simple to use. On V412 devices, it is primarily utilised for video capture and watching. In this post, UVC driver for Linux is highlighted. Its build setup, Qt5, Gtk3, and user interface are all quite flexible. There is also a console-only mode.

The programme supports the use of Cheese, MPlayer, ekiga, Skype, and other programmes. Additionally, audio support from other APIs can be chosen; however, this is dependant on the availability of interfaces supporting portaudio, such as JACK, ALSA, OSD, and others.

8. WxCam


In addition to being a fantastic Mycam substitute, WxCam is also a fantastic video capture tool. This Linux-compatible software enables users to take images, record videos, and send commands to Philips cameras for astronomical uses. The development of WxCam has been primarily focused on the Video4linux 1 and 2 drivers. You can use the app on a variety of devices by turning on this option.

Additionally, frame grabbing, customization of saturation, resolution and gamma, brightness and contrasts, and multiple picture formats like XPM, BMP, and PCX are all available. Additionally, support for edge, monochrome upturned, and negative formats for images is also available via the video4linukx 1 and 2API. In addition, users can record when motion is detected. Additionally included are options particular to the Philip webcam, like shutter speed, gain, and frame rate. The ability to record videos with and without audio is by far the best feature.

9. Video Booth


It makes it simple and effective for you to take pictures and make videos using a webcam. By uploading it to a social networking website, you can also share it with your friends. You may quickly upload videos and photos with Video Booth from any digital camera or device.

10. ComicWebCam


It’s one of the more conservative ones when compared to MyCam. The majority of the time, it uses a camera to take images, which are then enhanced using a variety of practical tools. The taken photos can be seen, saved, and shared on Facebook in the gallery area. Support is supported for the three primary operating systems.

Last Words:

You must all have a general understanding of what MYCAM is, its features, and its competitors by this point. The options offered are all the best. They have the best interface, the most fantastic features, and are simple to use. Nevertheless, the option is ultimately yours to make.

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