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Which Game-Streaming App Is Better OBS or XSplit Broadcaster?

OBS or XSplit Broadcaster

This post will explain OBS or XSplit Broadcaster. Many players prefer performing a Twitch or YouTube Live Stream to catch their favorite game’s walkthrough moments. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit Broadcaster are two widely used programs for broadcasting those private gaming sessions to the rest of the globe. In this article, we’ll try to figure out which game-streaming software is the best based on various characteristics.

Which Game-Streaming App Is Better OBS or XSplit Broadcaster?

In this article, you can know about OBS or XSplit Broadcaster here are the details below;

1. Performance

We immediately put both loaded programs to the test with “Call of Zombies 2: World Domination.” Despite the high CPU demands of a graphically intense game, recording with OBS was simple. On the other hand, the interface did not feel very smooth, and there were a few frustrating cases of stopped screens. However, after a ten-second restart, everything was back to normal. For 1280720, the system was configured to 30 frames per second.

OBS was created with the extra functionalities in mind that a community-driven open-source project would require. As a result, the overall interface may appear to be a little sparse. All of the tutorials, however, are available on the OBS website. Even if you don’t read them, correctly following the instructions won’t take long, even if it feels intuitive. For instance, if you wish to identify a game accurately, you must first “capture a certain window.”

The game selection is more automatic using XSplit Broadcaster. There were no delays or frozen screens even with the free version. Because there are fewer steps necessary at each stage, XSplit feels more intuitive. The most excellent aspect is that you can resize windows and customize webcam videos using a “drag-and-drop” feature. It comes very handily while adding comments.

In the past, one of XSplit’s main flaws was its inability to support 60 frames per second, unlike OBS. XSplit, on the other hand, has a few extra options today (see the screen below). You can choose any frame rate up to 60 frames per second and further tweak it. It means you can rely on XSplit to faithfully duplicate your experiences even when the game runs quicker than the blink of an eye.

Conclusion: XSplit easily defeats OBS in performance, thanks to higher stability, increased precision, and more intuitive features.

2. Customizations

On its website, OBS offers significantly more compatibility for third-party plug-ins than XSplit’s proprietary interface. It is a convenient feature. For example, during a combat game, you can use the “Display Fightstick motions” plug-in to track the route of numerous strikes and blows delivered to the opponent.

Conclusion: there is no dispute. Because OBS is an open-source application, it provides significantly more support for third-party plug-ins, allowing you to personalize your experience even more.

3. Audio/video quality

Compared to OBS, XSplit includes more choices for local recording, including x264 and x265 video codecs. As a result, it’s a better fit for YouTube uploads. There is a well-designed function that enables for YouTube audio and video optimization. While OBS does not have the best audio and video optimization tools, it does have additional file format possibilities, including VLC.

Conclusion: Because of the high-quality video/audio support, XSplit takes this round.

4. Features and Prices Comparison

Compared to OBS, XSplit provides additional supplementary functions, such as direct stream uploading to Skype, YouTube, or Twitch. It makes it ideal for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Although it is only available as a premium function, XSplit also allows you to edit videos while on the go.

The best part about OBS is that it is a community-driven project that is still available for free. XSplit makes it easy to produce secret recordings, but the best features are only available in the Premium options, which are expensive monthly.

Conclusion: If you’re willing to learn how to utilize OBS effectively, you have nothing to lose. However, the advanced capabilities of XSplit, which have a more professional finish, cannot be overlooked.

Although in a price-performance competition, Free always wins, this round should be declared a tie.


In the end, we believe that XSplit has a professional advantage over OBS, as it has significantly upgraded in terms of functionality and performance. When you combine it with the low learning curve, you can start using it nearly instantly. If money isn’t an issue, XSplit is the clear overall winner.

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