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Onlyfans News will appreciate this new profile picture.

Onlyfans news

Who’d have guessed that making Onlyfans news news profile pictures a thing would inspire Twitter to follow suit? You won if you guessed Onlyfans news, the NSFW creator monetization platform that’s oddly attempting to clean up its image despite making money. Unless you remember that Onlyfans news now does NFT profile pictures, in which case no one wins (except maybe the individuals who love crypto and also want to recompense NSFW creators for their work?).

This feature has been under development since December, according to a Reuters report. Onlyfans news was contacted by TechCrunch to corroborate the report.

Only NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain will be supported on Onlyfans news, and they will be marked with an Ethereum icon. When users click on an Onlyfans news news profile picture, they will be taken to a page with further information about the OpenSea digital asset.

“This feature is the first step in examining the role that NFTs can play on our platform,” said Onlyfans news CEO Ami Gan, who was recently appointed.

Onlyfans news

Last year, Onlyfans news came close to banning NSFW content off the platform, which would have thrown producers’ lives into disarray – this announcement came in the wake of new Mastercard and Visa laws. Onlyfans news newsthen reversed its decision, telling TechCrunch at the time that the revisions were “no longer required due to banking partners’ assurances that Onlyfans news can support all genres of creators.” Even still, Onlyfans news creators were warned that the platform could pull the rug out from under them at any time, depending on the vagaries of credit card providers.

But the thing is that assisting sex workers in maintaining a steady income isn’t a horrible use case for crypto. Allie Rae, a former Onlyfans news creator, is now working on WetSpace, a crypto-centric Onlyfans news replacement.

Unlike a credit card company, public blockchains cannot be changed on the fly to prohibit the purchase of pornographic material. However, as we’ve seen, given enough traction, centralised listing marketplaces can constrain access and market activity on a specific type of coin. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, might be a barrier for fans and creators who don’t want to get involved in the volatile, sometimes-scammy world. Onlyfans news may be making a move toward a future in crypto by enabling NFT profile pictures, which could guarantee a continued future in the porn sector.

Onlyfans news

Reddit, like Twitter and Onlyfans news, has experimented with an NFT profile picture feature, while YouTube is openly flirting with the idea.

“We believe that new technologies like as blockchain and NFTs can enable creators to develop closer ties with their fans,” YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan stated today, echoing Ami Gan’s comments to Reuters.


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