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Putlocker Alternatives : The Top 12 – Why has Putlockers been shut down?

putlocker down 2017

Putlockers, whose official website is, is one of the most popular and effective online movie streaming sites, has been shut down. If you’re looking for current Putlockers alternatives to watch online TV programmes and films, you’ll need to find for a suitable site. Here’s a complete list of the greatest putlocker down 2017.

The time when we watch movies, or what we call prime-time time, is the most significant and necessary for us, especially in these days of lockdown. We enjoy a lot of things at this time, and we also get to spend quality time with our loved ones.

Putlocker Alternatives : The Top 12 – Why has Putlockers been shut down?

With the passage of time becoming increasingly computerised, we have gravitated toward online streaming. Online streaming is advantageous and practical since it eliminates the need to set aside a specific time to watch entertainment content on websites.

Before I go any furthers, I did want to point out that some of the online movie sites that offers free streaming are illegal, which is one of the reasons Putlocker was deleted.

Why is Putlocker no longer available?

Your inability to access the Putlocker site could be due to a number of issues. The site may be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance, the domain name you are seeking to access may have been removed, or your ISP may be preventing you from accessing the site.

The Australian Federal Court ordered ISPs across the country to prohibit a list of more than 30 piracy sites in late 2017, including the main putlocker down 2017 domain at the time. Since then, some governments around the world, particularly the United States, have taken significant moves to regulate online movie streaming and download sites.

As a result, Putlocker download movies for free has been disabled for you, possibly by your workplace’s internet provider. In this case, all you needs to do is use a VPN to utilise access.

Sites to Watch Putlocker Alternatives

1. Fmovies


Fmovies is another well-known brand on the list of top Putlocker Alternatives site for free movie streaming. It makes out from the competition thanks to its modern design and simple user interface.

While searching for your favourite movies and programmes, you may easily navigate through its various categories and genres. If you are concerned abouts the quality of your service, try using a VPN connection to get uninterrupted high-quality service.

Because it’s free, you could get a handful of adverts before your movie starts playing.

2. Watch Online Series

Do you think of yourself as a TV show junkie? When you find a television that you enjoy, do you find it difficult to resist the temptation to watch the next episode? Are you aware that there is an online streaming website where you may satisfy your putlocker down 2017 desire to keep pushing the play button until there are no more episodes to watch? So, go to their website and look at the Online Collection.

Enjoy Online Series contains everything from the Sopranos to the Simpsons. Many of the TV programmes offered on the site are in HD, and each episode has at least two mirrors. Watch Online Collection is best enjoyed with an ad-blocker, as is typically the case.

3. Vumoo


Vumoo has features such as a search engine for people who can’t get enough of TV programmes and movies. In no manner is the website a holding behemoth. It simply provides people with Putlocker Alternatives Sites to view and find for the programmes and movies they desire.

4. Primewire


Each online streaming website has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage of Primewire is its dull and out-of-date design. However, if you can check past its uninviting exterior, you’ll find a treasure trove of movies in all genres and price ranges.

All of the movies on Primewire are available in at least one of three video clip top quality options: low, medium, or high. With the flexibility to choose from a variety of excellent features, you can enjoy Primewire even when you are not connecteds to the internet, without having to worry about exceeding your monthly data allocation.

5. Popcornflix


Popcornflix allows you to enjoy your favourite movie. It has been on the market for a while and is regarded as a reliable Putlocker alternative.

Its library is mostly comprised of classic and timeless movies, although it does not preclude you from seeing current video snippets. Popcornflix does not require you to sign or make an account in order to use it, so you can get down to work very quickly.

It performs admirably on mobile devices and computers, and it is fully compatible with iPhone and Android operating systems.

6. Niter


Niter is a similar-looking site to Netflix. Its appearances is similar to that of the Netflix site. It’s a breeze to navigate Niter’s website.

You can quickly and quickly seek up the names of films that putlocker down 2017 have simply been made from the Niter lineup. This site has less promotions than its counterparts.

7. Popcorn time!

Popcorn time!

Popcorn Time has a similar level of popularity as other well-known streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In its library, you will find a large number of TV shows as well as films.

You may also use it to download your favourite movies and TV shows so that you can watch them later. It has a user-easy interface and navigation gadget.

You may quickly access its clearly labelled areas to find alternatives such as freshly added, future movies, and so on. Furthermore, it provides a filter film selection that appears to be more advanced than other Putlocker competitors. On its application, you may also binge-watch your favourite shows.

8. Rainierland


Rainierland is without a doubt one of the most popular Putlocker alternatives. You can choose from a large number of brand-new and well-known programmes, each with additional details such as the actor’s name. You can also use it to utilise movie trailers. The only drawback to this fantastic gizmo is that it does not come without advertisements.

9. Megashare


This set is believed to be one of the most user-friendly and straightforward streaming services readily available on the market. It has a wide customer base and a large library to supply thanks to its user-friendly interface. It can be used to utilise movies and internet TV shows.

You can also enjoy movies of varying high quality depending putlocker down 2017 on your Internet speed. One of the most populars features of this fantastic website is the addition of captions, so if you desire captions, this is undoubtedly the best Putlocker Alternative Site.

Are you bewildered by its operation? Don’t be concerned; it certainly works. It works great on smartphones as well.

10. GoMovies


This Putlocker Alternative Site works great and has a lot to offer. Putlocker is a website that houses a database of thousands of TV programmes and movies that is updated on a regular basis.

Leaving aside all of the advantages, you should expect to be irritated by various advertisements displayed throughout your website visit, so be prepared.

11. Los movies

Los movies

Although the site is in English, it includes a variety of caption alternatives in a variety of languages. Captions are offered in a variety of styles, ranging from Swedish to Albanian to Croatian.

Almost all of the programmes are still available in HD, and the most recent and most-watched programmes are available on the website’s first page.

If you have an active ad-blocker on your PC, it may hinder the integrated video gamer of Los Movies. Aside from this one flaw, the site is perfectly functional.

12. Solarmovie


The greatest, if not the most effective, Putlocker Alternative Sites is the solar movie. Its vast library of films and television shows continues to grow on a regular basis.

Its performance is excellent, it is simple to use, and it has an amazingly snappy interface, making it an excellent choice. SolarMovie works as a penalty on both computer systems putlocker down 2017 and mobile phones.


We’ve compiled a list of the finest Putlocker Alternative Sites so that if one goes down, you’ll have another option.

Show-box, Crackle, Cinema-box, and Play-box HD are a few movie streaming apps for mobile phones that are very active on the market and provide adequate features for a trouble-free movie experience.

A vital point to remember is that regardless of which site you are using putlocker down 2017, you must use a VPN connection to safeguard your identity and safety and security.

These are the Putlocker Alternative Sites that you should visit to meet your streaming needs.

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