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Review of GoToMyPC: Reliable remote desktop programme for daily use


For individuals who need to remotely access one to three computers on a regular basis, this is a reliable and reasonably priced alternative.

Expert Opinion


  • Simple to use
  • Cost-effective for one to three PCs
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Multiple displays are supported.


  • It’s not ideal for local networks.
  • Expensive when you add more computers
  • There is no Linux client.

Our Thought

GoToMyPC is one of the most user-friendly remote desktop solutions, especially for beginners. It’s also reasonably priced for regular use with one or two PCs. If you go beyond that, it gets pricey.

When Price Is Reviewed


Price comparison from more than 24,000 stores around the world

Many people think of GotToMyPC when they think of remote desktop. It’s been around for an long time and is widely used. LogMeIn, another long-running remote access service, bought the company in 2018. LogMeIn shifted its focus to the enterprise, and GoToMyPC became their consumer offering.

Features and design


To redirect all traffic, GoToMyPC employs a web portal. Install the client software on the PCs you want to control, create access codes for each, and add them to your account. When you need to connect to one of your remote PCs, go to the GoToMyPC website, log in, and then click the Connect button next to the target you wish to connect to.

The GoToMyPC viewer will be downloaded and opened the first time you do this. Following that, the viewer will simply launch, and you will be provided with the desktop of the remote PC you chose from the online gateway. This step has always worked exactly as indicated and without incident in my GoToMyPC experience.

GoToMyPC has clients for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, however it does not have a client for Linux. GoToMyPC additionally offers file sharing and synchronisation, as well as multiple screens, which the free Chrome Remote Desktop lacks. It’s even remote to print from afar.

In the end, GoToMyPC outperforms the competition in terms of features.


Single machine licences were discounted to $35 a month when I went to the GoToMyPC website to get the trial. When I went to change plans on my trial account, however, the price went back up to $44 per PC. A brief call to sales, I’m sure, would restore the discount.

Both aren’t cheap, but if you’re a business traveller who has to control a computer or two while you’re away from home and the restricted freebies aren’t cutting it, it’s worth it. If you’re looking for an fleet management solution, GoToMyPC offers a Pro subscription for up to 50 computers for $33 per month ($41.50 when not discounted) and a Corporate plan for $28 per month.


By way of comparison, TeamViewer costs just over $100 per month for ten computers (and I get paid big amounts for this). That would be a reduction. Please accept my apologies, LogMeIn.


On my local network, I installed GoToMyPC on Windows 11 and macOS Monterey computers, as well as a remote system in California’s central valley. However, it was fairly speedy in all three instances…

GoToMyPC is a Mac application that allows you to control a Windows 11 system.


Unlike TeamViewer and others, GoToMyPC traffic is sent through the company’s gateway rather than rerouting locally. While local connections are possible, alternative remote desktop products will provide significantly greater performance over your LAN.

GoToMyPC is a little on the pricey side, but it’s a tried-and-true solution that I’ve used for years. Despite the existence of free alternatives such as Chrome Remote Desktop, VNC, and TeamViewer, it’s a difficult suggestion for the typical user (light use only). Not to mention what your operating system might already have.

However, if the freebies aren’t cutting it, GoToMyPC is as strong and simple as they get.

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