Review of the Best Home and Office Automation

Multifunctional home and office automation systems that provide comfort and safety to your home and workspace are gaining more and more popularity every year. Firstly, this is due to the increase in the technological literacy of ordinary people against the backdrop of the development of the digital industry. Secondly, such equipment is gradually becoming cheaper, which makes it more accessible to the general population. Currently, smart home systems are installed on both residential and commercial real estate: apartments, cottages, offices, hotels, SPA centers, etc.

If you consider the following trend as something complicated and professionals-required task, you are absolutely wrong and, to tell the truth, currently, a lot of decent and exciting automation projects have been carried out by homeowners without technical education and just applying electric actuator, control panel, and additional possible items.

In Western Europe, as well as in the United States, Canada, and other developed countries, home or office automation products are actively used not only to make life easier, save money, and create healthy working conditions but also to help those who are in power their physical features cannot fully live and independently lead their lives.

The List of TOP Home and Office Automation Products 2022

The modern market offers a huge selection of technical devices, products and accessories for home and office automation, so reviewing the most popular scientific products and systems from different manufacturers will be useful to many. To do this, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with and evaluate their most significant characteristics. This information will help to approach the solution of the problem as rationally as possible and make the best choice for individual requests.

An Adjustable Standing Desk by Progressive

You can optimize your workers’ space, make it ergonomic and let them perform more for the same period of time. The unique construction and special modes of the adjustable columns of the desk allow office and home workers to feel better mentally and physically. High-quality materials and smooth work of the incorporated actuators make the whole construction ideal for regular work on the computer. Adding some more accessories like remotes, cable organizers, power solutions and monitor stands will make the general work process seamless and straightforward at the same time.

An Ergonomic Smart Bed Frame

Sleeping time is one of the most important parts of the day allowing you to take some rest and recover your strength for the next day. These special sturdy frames have the technology of high standard helping people to cope with annoying snoring, back and neck pain, problems with blood circulation, and other typical health troubles. Moreover, the manufacturer adds extra features to different models like a pleasant massage for the leg and back to remove strain and tiredness.

TV lifts

Make your living room or a bedroom more spacious and uncluttered with your unique design and style. New design trends make homeowners willing to create free space without these small and massive TV stands and other old-fashioned furniture pieces. For this automation project, you may need only a special compartment or a little space to let your TV hide inside of it and linear actuators to let it drop down, pop up or flip down.

Automatic Kitchen Cabinets

If you care about organized storage in the kitchen with a clean surface, this idea is worth your attention. Again, it can be easily implemented with the help of electric linear actuators and a special compartment inside the kitchen cabinet. Hide all the necessary kitchen stuff to make your kitchen look stylish, technological, and facilitating.

Several more ideas on office automation:

Look below to find out a small selection of ideas on how to make the office “smarter” and, therefore, more comfortable.

Perfect ideas for your office reception

An intercom with a call function and two-way video communication is the first to meet people arriving at the office. After the end of the working day, the intercom panel will display unclosed windows that have been forgotten.

The “Turn off all” function, for example, programmed on the pushbutton switch at the exit from the office, is guaranteed to turn off all loads that should not be turned on during non-working hours.

Office space and rooms

With the help of a light sensor and a presence sensor, the light and other loads are turned off in a timely manner, which reduces energy costs.

An automated ventilation and air conditioning system maintains a comfortable temperature level in the office, and this is an additional convenience of the workplace.

What about a large office

An occupancy sensor above a group of desks in a large office will detect when the desks are no longer in use by workers and turn off the lights above them.

Conference room

The CO2 sensor automatically starts ventilation when the meeting in the conference room is prolonged.

The “Presentation” function programmed on a pushbutton, for example, lowers the blinds, extends the screen, dims the lights, and turns on the projector.

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