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Review of the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun

Pulseroll Mini

Vibration training and massage therapy in one compact package

The Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun has won our hearts because to its undeniably compact form, tremendous punch, and lengthy battery life, making it well worth carrying in your backpack for a long journey. It won’t add too much weight to your luggage either, weighing only 1kg. The variety of heads checks all of the standard massage boxes, the battery life is on par with any of the numerous competitors, and the instructions are simple and good to follow. Overall, this is a good value package that I would recommend.

  • Compact and lightweight • Excellent performance • Standard issue head selection Against • Power/speed button requires some practise • Basic, therefore no hot heads

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The 1kg Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun is an ideal candidate if you’re seeking for a compact massage gun that can be packed into a bag or suitcase. It has four distinct power settings, four standard issue massage heads that employ the normal push-fit design, and a 7.4V battery that can keep the gun running for up to three hours (or six if you use the most frugal setting). It also takes about three hours to fully recharge.

Pulseroll Mini

The Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun does a terrific job and is just as quick as our current top-rated massage gun, the Power Plate Mini+, with a massage delivery rate of 3,000ppm (percussions per minutes). We also enjoy the vibrant red and black colour scheme.

The cost and the availability

The Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun is available now for £129.99 (about $170 / AU$230) from Amazon. Pulseroll (opens in new tab) sells it directly, but it’s also available internationally via a variety of third-party retailers, including Amazon.

Although not inexpensive, that is an acceptable price for a compact massage gun of this type. The Renpho R3 Mini Massage Gun costs $139.99 / £119.99 (about AU$190), while the Power Plate Mini+ costs $179.99 / £179.95 (approximately AU$250).

Design Massage guns have a pretty similar design motif, but some models have a disadvantage in terms of mass. The Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun, on the other hand, offers all of the regular massage capabilities in a more compact package. That’s an huge plus if you want to take your massage gun on vacations, to sporting events and races, or to the gym so it’s ready when you need it.

Pulseroll Mini

The gun comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a vinyl zip-up travel bag that includes a logo and a carrying strap. When you open the package, you’re met by a brilliant crimson interior that’s pretty unique. The 14cm high gun comes with one head already connected, as well as three more massage devices and a USB-C charging cable.

There’s also a full-color handbook concealed under a net on the top part of the casing, which is difficult to remove. It’s almost as though it’s too enormous for the net that holds it in place. In fact, only around the first ten pages are dedicated to English speakers, with the rest of the site catering to people who speak other languages. The instructions, however, are clear enough, and the colour anatomical pictures and massage suggestions are also rather good. The package is completed by a one-year warranty card.


The Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun may be small, but itfeatures a capable performer with a 40lb stall force. It’s simple to use, having a power button plainly located on the base of the handle. A USB-C charging connector is located beneath that.

If you hold down the powers button for two seconds, a power level/cycle will be displayed on one side in small green LEDs. By pressing this button one again, the intensity can be raised. Level one produces 1,800ppm (percussions per minute), level two 2,200 rpm, level three 2,700 rpm, and level four 3,000ppm, which is comparable to many of our best-selling massage guns, including the HoMedics Pro Physio Massage Gun. On the opposite side, battery level indicators supplement this.

Pulseroll Mini

The replaceable head attachments work with the standard push-fit approach, and we had no issues with them dropping out in the middle of a massage. We had good success with the round head for full body work, the pneumatic head for soft tissue work, and the fork-style spinal head for stimulating massage. A familiar-looking bullet head works just as well as ever for muscle massage at pain points.

The touchscreen-style speed/power button works well enough, though getting the proper level can be a little tough if you’re still learning how to use it. Overall, the design allows for extended and easy massage sessions, and the end result is exactly what you’d expect from a machine of this type. In fact, it’s on par with the more bulky full-size ones on the market.

Pulseroll Mini

If you’re looking for a totally portable massage gun, this is the one to get.

This is exactly what it says on the tin, packaged in a polyester carry case intended specifically for gym bags or suitcases.

All you require is a basic massage.

There are four heads that cover the fundamentals, but no heated or chilled accessories are included.

You want charging to be simple.

With the included USB-C connector, the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun can be fully charged in around three hours.

If you need a professional massage gun, don’t buy it.

It’s advertised as providing pro-level massage, and it surely isn’t a slouch, but it’s a compact, portable gadget that wouldn’t be ideal for use as a personal trainer.

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