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20 Roku Hacks Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier

roku hacks

Your Roku device is capable of far more than you might imagine.

While Roku devices cannot be jailbroken in the same lot that other modern smart gadgets can, there are a number of features, workarounds, and “roku hacks ” that can help Roku’s content reach and operational flexibility.

Let’s check a look at 20 ways to improve your Roku experience.

Roku is compatible with a wide range of televisions, including those from LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and Vizio, to name a few.

01. Free Movies and TV Shows to Watch

roku hacks

The Top Free Channels on roku hacks are listed below. Roku

On Roku, you may find free movies and TV series in a variety of ways:

  • The Roku Channel offers an selection of free movies and television series.
  • Roku maintains a list of the most popular channels with free content that is updated on a regular basis. To access this list, press the Home Button on your Roku remote, then select Streaming Channels, then Top Free. You can then add any of the channels to your own list from there.
  • If you already know the name of the free channel you want to add, go to Streaming Channels and types it into the Search option to see if it’s available on Roku.
  • Another approach to find free movies and TV shows is to go to the main page’s search category and type in the title of the film or programme to check whether it’s accessible on a Roku channel and if there are any watching fees.

02. Find for 4K content.

roku hacks

If your Roku device supports 4K, go to Streaming Channels and find UHD Content Available to see what’s available to watch in 4K.

This gives you a list of channels that have 4K content available. However, not all of the content on those channels is available in 4K. You’ll have to see what they have to check. Install the 4K Spotlight Application from the Roku Channel Store to find available 4K shows and movies across numerous channels, making your 4K content search easier.

Only 4K Roku devices, such as the Roku 4, Premiere, Premire+, Ultra, Streaming Stick+, and 4K Ultra HD Roku TVs, may see the UHD Content Available and 4K Spotlight selections.

03. Watch Live TV Over-the-Air

roku hacks

You can’t use a Roku stick or box with an OTA (Over-the-Air) DVR like Tablo or external tuners like AirTV and Clearstream TV, but you can use a Roku stick or box with a OTA (Over-the-Air) DVR like Tablo or external tuners like AirTV and Clearstream TV.

These devices will use an antenna to receive TV signals roku hacks, which will then be wirelessly streamed to your Roku streaming stick and box via the Roku Apps.

You can also uses your Roku to schedule and watch any content that Tablo can record onto its companion hard drive if you purchase the Tablo with a USB hard drive.

04. Add Non-Certified or Secret Channels

roku hacks

Adding Non-Certified, Private, or Secret channels is one of the most common Roku hacks. The Roku Streaming Channels list does not include these channels roku hacks. You’ll need to connect into your Roku account on a PC or smartphone and enter a specific code to add these channels.

05. Buffering or freezing of video should be avoided.

roku hacks

Some streaming providers modify the video quality of their feed automatically dependent on your broadband speed, while others don’t. This means that if your internet speed isn’t fast enough, you may experience buffering, skipping, or freezing on some content.

You may also have a monthly data cap, which means you may be charged overage costs if you watch too much streaming contents in a given month.

You can change the “bitrate” at which your Roku receives the streaming signal by going into a hidden menu. This could help with buffering and freezing issues roku hacks, as well as any bandwidth caps. You may, however, have to make up with a lower-quality video stream.

To make this change, press the Home button five times, the RW button three times, and the FF button twice on your Roku remote. You may then choose to leave the setting on Auto (which is the default) or to change it to a preset rate.

06. Check the Signal Strength of Your Wi-Fi

roku hacks

A weak WiFi signal could be another reason you’re having problems streaming content on your Roku, in addition to internet speed concerns.

Roku features a hidden menu where you may check the exact strength of your Wi-Fi signal in relation to your device. Pick up your Roku remote & press Home 5 times roku hacks, then Up, Down,

This code will open a hidden Wi-Fi menu where you may check signal strength and other information.

You may then use this information to determine whether you need to move your Roku device closer to your router, or if you need to upgrade to a better router with better signal strength.

07. Use the Roku Application on your mobile device.

roku hacks

You can operate Roku without a remote by utilising their companion Mobile App, which is available for both iOS and Android.

  • In addition to other Roku features, the app includes voice search.
  • The mobile app for Roku TVs controls both streaming and TV operations, including input selection, OTA channel scanning, and image and audio settings.
  • The mobile app also allows you to listen to your Roku channels quietly through your smartphone’s speaker or earphones.

08. Your Smartphone as a Mirror

roku hacks

You can use the Screen Mirroring option if you have a compatible Android smartphone (the process for iOS is a little more difficult). Using a Roku device, this mirrors whatever you see on your smartphone screen (including streaming services, platforms like KODI, images, movies, web sites, and more) on your TV (or Roku TV). This options may be referred to as Miracast roku hacks on some phones (not to be confused with Screens Casting – which is discussed in the next section).

The signal is transferred straight from your smartphone to the Roku device or Roku TV, so there is no need for an network connection. You can’t do anything else on your phone while your content is being duplicated, though. The content will stop playing if you tap on another icon.

To use screen mirroring on Roku, first turn on the Screen Mirroring/Miracast capability on your Android phone via the settings menu roku hacks. Then press the Home Button on your Roku remote, go to Settings, System, Screen Mirroring, and select one of numerous Screen Mirroring Modes.

  • On-screen prompt verifying screen mirroring request – Your Roku device will display an on-screen prompt confirming a screen mirroring request.
  • Always Allow — When Screen Mirroring is identified, it is enabled. There is no prompt on the screen.
  • Never Allow — Without an on-screen prompt, all screen mirroring is disabled. When this option is chosen, the Screen Mirroring features are disabled.
  • Screen Mirroring Devices — Select “Allowed Devices” or “Blocked Devices” from the drop-down menu. This selection will not be available if the “Always Allow” or “Never Allow” options have previously been selected.

09. Make use of screencasting

roku hacks

The Cast option on Roku is another method to view content from your smartphone on your TV. This works with a few apps, as well as photographs and movies you’ve generated yourself. While the selected content is playing on your TV roku hacks, you may continue to do other things on your phone using casting. Casting is also available on both Android and iOS devices.

Both your mobile device and your Roku must be connected to the same WiFi network in order to cast.

Not all apps, unlike Screen Mirroring, support Casting. The Cast Logo (seen above) will appear towards the top of your smartphone screen if a smartphone application is compatible with Casting (YouTube and Netflix are two examples). Casting will begin when you click on the logo roku hacks.

The Casting feature on your smartphone may require pre-setup or the installation of an additional app before it can be used.

10. Play Content from a Computer or Other Devices

roku hacks

The Roku Media Player application allows you to access and play music, images, and videos from PCs and media server’s connected to the same home network in addition to streaming channels. PlayOn, Plex, Serviio, Tversity, Twonky, & Windows Meda Player are among the media server software platforms that the app supports.

You can also play content from USB flash drives if your Roku device or Roku TV has a USB port.

Refer to the Roku Media Players Support Page roku hacks for more information on setup and use (including suitable digital media file formats).

11. Roku’s version of Jeopardy.

roku hacks

You may use your Roku to play games in addition to watching movies and TV episodes. We’re not talking about the complexity of an Xbox or PS4, roku hacks but there are some enjoyable games to be had. It’s recommended to utilise the Roku Enhanced Voice Remote or Gaming Remote (depending on the Roku model you have), both of which are available as extra accessories.

12. Use Alexa or Google Home to control your Roku.

roku hacks

Roku offers its own voice control system that requires a voice-enabled portable remote control. However, you can use Alexa or Google Home to operate some Roku functions hands-free.

To do so, you’ll need to download Quick Remote, an Appestry third-party app. The Alexa application is available for both Android and iOS devices, however the Google Home app is only available for Android devices.

Follow the instructions for Alexa & Google Home for more information on what to do when you download the Quick Remote App (also includes examples roku hacks of voice commands that you can use).

You can only use 50 free commands per month with the Quick Remote app, and those commands run out fast. The subscription charge is $.99 per month or $9.99 per year for access to more than 50 commands every month.

13. Turn on Closed Captions Instant Replay.

roku hacks

Roku provides closed captioning for the hearing impaired in the same way that your television does, but with a twist. You can set it up to just work for “immediate replay” in addition to regular closed captioning for complete shows or movies.

If you missed or didn’t understand the last few seconds of a show or movie you’re watching because of an interruption or background noise, or because the lines were not spoken clearly, you can use the Roku replay buttons to go back and repeat it, with the added additions of not only hearing the voice but also seeing the text of what was said (if available).

On your Roku, go to the on-screen menu, select Settings, then Captions (on some models, you may be prompted to select Accessibility, then Captions), and then roku hacks Instant Replay. Are you having difficulties? If your Roku’s closed captioning won’t switch off or on, try the following suggestions. Are you having difficulties? If your Roku’s closed captioning won’t switch off or on, try the following suggestions.

14. Aquatic Life 4K Screensaver for Roku.

roku hacks

If you have your Roku chosen but keep your TV on after watching content for a long, Roku will switch to its own screensaver after a certain amount of time roku hacks. You can, however, change or choose your own screensaver, such as a fireplace (option for the winter), am selection of Art, or NASA and imagination space photos.

15. On some Roku devices, you can listen using headphones.

roku hacks

A remote control with an headphone jack and a pair of earbuds is included with some Roku devices.

When your Roku device is turned on, it transfers audio wirelessly to the remote, allowing you to listen with your earphones. This is ideal for late-night private listening as well as music listening. You can even move around in the space (just put the remote in your pocket).

If you want your Roku devices to send sound to both your headphones and your TV audio system at the same time, press the following buttons on the right side of the remote to open a unique menu: Volume Up (twice), Volume Down (twice), Volume Up (three times), Volume Down (three times), and Audience Audio should be turned on.

16. Better Sound with Roku and a Home Theater Receiver

roku hacks

Using HDMI and Speakers on a Home Theater Receiver, get better audio with Roku.

Pioneer Electronics is a manufacturer of consumer electronics.

You can connect an Roku streaming stick or box to your home theatre receiver (through HDMI) instead of your TV if you have one. The receiver will provide the video streams to the TV (or video projector) and will also give the following:

  • Additional surround sound formats, such as Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos, are available on select Netflix, Vudu, and Amazon content.
  • Improved sound quality for music streaming Pandora, iHeart Radio, Sirius/XM, Amazon Music, and other music-only streaming channels are available on Roku.
  1. 17. Customize Your Roku Display

roku hacks

One of the ways to personalise your Roku experience is to change the theme. A theme defines the overall design of the Roku interface, from the colour and styles of the menus to the image that shows in the backdrop.

To choose or change a theme, click to Settings, then Themes, then My Themes on your Roku Remote. You will be ables to choose from several roku hacks pre-installed theme options here, but if you choose Get More Themes, you’ll be able to add other alternatives to your selection list. Some Themes may require a little fee to utilise them.

18. Create Your Own Channel Order

roku hacks

Customizing Channel Order on the Roku Home Menu. Roku

When you add a channel to your home screen, it is automatically added to the bottom of your list of available channels. If you add a large number of channels, you may find yourself scrolling through your entire list to find one & more of your favourites.

Moving your favourite channels to the top of your list can help you structure your list to better represent your channel viewing preferences.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  2. To access the channel list, press the right button on the directional pad. The plus-shaped directional pad is located in the centre of your Roku remote.
  3. Select the channels you want to move with the directional pad.
  4. To access the Options menu, press the Star button.
  5. Choose the Move channel option.
  6. Using the directional pad, move the channel to its new spot and press the OK button on your remote.

19. Roku allows you to browse the internet.

roku hacks

Example of a Web Browser X Search Page Roku: Web Browser X

There isn’t a built-in web browser on Roku, but there are a few workarounds.

You may screen mirror your smartphone and utilise any web browsers available there, or you can install the Web Browser X application from the Roku Channel Store, which does include Google Web Browsing.

However, because Roku doesn’t let you to attach a wired or wireless keyboard, using the Roku remote’s buttons and scrolling capabilities is a bit of a pain roku hacks. The Roku mobile app does, however, include a virtual keyboard.

A $4.99 monthly membership is required for the Web Browser X app.

It’s also worth noting that, while Roku has a Firefox app, it’s exclusively for streaming videos; Firefox for Roku does not support browsing.

20. Roku Can Help You Travel

roku hacks

Are you going to college or simply taking a vacation? Hotel and Dorm Connect is a feature on Roku.

To get ready, make sure your Roku is up to box with the latest software and that you have all of the necessary peripherals on hand, including an HDMI cable (streaming sticks have a built-in HDMI connector), a power adapter, and a remote, as well as your smartphone.

Also, check to see if the Hotel or Dorm you’ll be staying in has WiFi and if the TV roku hacks you’ll be watching has an HDMI input that you can select from the TV’s settings or remote.

Select your Roku stick or box, then press the Home button on the Roku remote to access Settings, Network, Set Up Connection, and Wireless.

After you’ve established a network connection, select I’m at a Hotel or College Dorm, and numerous further authentication prompts will display on the TV screen, such as inputting a WiFi password to use the specific network and the Roku servers (which may require a smartphone, tablet, or laptop).

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