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Top 6 Photographer Smugmug Alternatives in 2022

Smugmug Alternatives

SmugMug, a commercial image and video hosting and sharing platform, is great for uploading, preserving, and safeguarding images and videos.

SmugMug is a popular website. This page lists SmugMug alternatives.

Smugmug Alternatives

1. Google photos

Smugmug Alternatives

Google Photos is a free SmugMug alternative that automatically organises, backs up, and shares your photos and videos. Up to 16 MP and 1080p HD of memories are free. With this, you can keep many searchable backups.

Photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos are accessible on any platform via photos.google.com, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Your photos are always safe.

Once you upload photos and videos, they are organised so that you may find a specific type by typing the your name in the search box. Type ‘dog’ to find your pet’s photos.

Out of phone space? Upload photos and videos to google photos in one tap. Delete them and rest easy.

2. Photobucket

Smugmug Alternatives

Photobucket is a SmugMug-like tool for photo hosting, sharing, and editing. Alex Welch and Darren Crystal launched Photobucket in 2005 as a simple, safe, economical solution to save and backup photos. It promises to preserve our memories for years to come.

Photobucket offers a 2-GB free trial if you wish to try out its features before paying. Storage space affects fees. Paid subscriptions offer more features.

Photobucket stores all photo and video formats. The uploaded images can be altered, given effects, and shared online. The embed link maintains photo quality while sharing across platforms. Encryption, EXIF data erasure, and visibility settings let you control photos.

3. Imgur

Smugmug Alternatives

Imgur is a free website that lets you share images, videos, and stories. Alan Schaaf established Imgur, a photo-sharing website, in 2009.

This basic online platform software is flexible. It enables you recreate the interface in your own style with third-party apps.

Uploading and sharing images, videos, and Gifs is easy and secure for public or private drafting. You can obtain real-time feedback after uploading content publicly.

Along with community involvement, it offers dynamic sceneries. This has developed a huge collection of high-quality images, Gifs, and videos classed as humorous, TV, Video Games, and Celebrity. Daily updates

Each category offers endless options. Reddit enables collaborative viewing of intriguing content and photos.

4. 500px

Smugmug Alternatives

500px is another SmugMug option for photo sharing and trading. 500px began allowing free users to upload seven photographs per week in 2009. Paid plans are required for ad-free services and visitor analytics.

Uploading and downloading high-quality photos is easy for social media users. Its design is simple yet attractive, given the professional photos uploaded.

Professional and amateur photographers can share and interact with the community. This app’s community lets photographers follow others to see their latest work.

The user can share and sell photos on 500px Marketplace. So, photography fans can buy and sell their works.

500px offers photography classes from multitalented masters. Pulse algorithm prioritises new photos. This manner, photographers in the app community provide first-day insights.

5. ShootProof

Smugmug Alternatives

ShootProof is a good SmugMug option in the photography business. ShootProof is a user-friendly, technology-enabled photo uploading and sharing platform.

A free trial allows 100 photos to be uploaded in 14 days. This free subscription can be upgraded.

ShootProof is allowed to share and sell user photos in customer galleries. Commission-free sales and linked contracts simplify workflow.

Mobile app, configurable and password-protected galleries, photo proofing, contracts, invoicing, credit card processing, and partnering labs across the world for printing make it a one-stop shop for business needs.

Photographers in 38 countries use ShootProof in 18 languages. The goal is to develop a premier SaaS platform where photographers can run a successful business with elite email and phone service.

6. PhotoShelter

Smugmug Alternatives

PhotoShelter is a 2005-founded photography management platform that aims to improve the future of photography.

It offers secure cloud storage, photo organisation, image workflow management, and selling and buying customer photos. Users can choose their preferred display format and site.

PhotoShelter has solid photography vibes, with features helping expert photographers with comforting tactics, marketing, and E-commerce options for their portfolio site.

You can evaluate the platform’s promises over a two-week free trial. You can upload images after registering on their website. Visitors can buy soft copies or prints of uploaded images. Labs will receive high-quality printouts.

Professional photographers can use PhotoShelter, a portfolio website builder and photo sharing platform, instead of traditional site building.

PhotoShelter has a simple interface, themes and templates, and client proofing.\


Storing, sharing, selling and buying photos is fun. Finding the right website is important. I hope the list of SmugMug alternatives will help you find a better option.


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