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Proxies for Sneaker Bots: 5 Reasons to Use It

Sneaker Bots

Sneaker bots are frequently employed in sneaker theft. They must be used by every major sneakerhead, or they are not major at all.

You know, bots are unwanted on the sites of sneaker merchants, and much work is done to identify them and minimise their traffic. Those who give using bots must likewise stop trying to become prosperous sneaker coppers and give what is left over after the best ones have what they want.

In the case of sneakers from a limited run, there may be nothing left. Because of this, using proxies for sneaker bots is essential in the game of sneaker-copping.

Top 5 reasons for Using Proxies with Sneaker Bots

Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons for using proxies for bots.

1. Avoiding blocks

The first thing you must make when deciding to use bots is that they are not blocked.

Because they share the same IP address as your device, bots are simple to identify. It indicates that all of the many requests that you and your bots send are pooled into a single number under the same IP address. For an average internet user, this number is excessive. When a website owner notices an excessive number of these requests, it may be a hint that bots are at work.

Using a proxy hides your IP address. It functions as an intermediary server by using an exposed IP address rather than yours.

Any number of IP addresses are acceptable. If your bots work from different IP addresses that do not reveal the identity of their original user, neither you nor they can be connected.

This vast number of requests is dispersed among numerous IP addresses when bot activity cannot be counted under a single IP address, which on its own cannot raise any red bots about unusual activity that is no longer being tracked.

2. Avoiding captcha breaks

Captcha tests that are delivered to you when your activity appears suspicious are one method for identifying bots. It also occurs for other reasons, such as when using particular browser extensions that may even make it more difficult to pass these tests. Or you can utilise it constantly on some websites no matter what you do.

These tests can get really unpleasant if you don’t have an automatic captcha solver programme. You are also more likely to receive these captchas frequently the more erratic your activity appears to be.

You have nothing to buy because your speed, which is crucial for making the required purchase in time before anybody else, is severely left. You need proxies to hide your bot’s irregular activity and make it within the typical number of requests made by an average internet user.

Your bots won’t draw attention and won’t encounter these captchas if they work from various IP addresses. These tests are particularly harmful for bots because they can stop them if they can’t make more challenging tests on their own, in addition to slowing them down. You can also just refresh an IP to remove captchas from your browser.

The secret to effective bot usage is to avoid these captchas as much as possible. And you can get that via proxies.

3. Utilizing sneaker servers more frequently

Sneaker servers are frequently used in conjunction with bots because they give you faster and better overall performance, enabling your bots to work at maximum efficiency. You won’t get the best performance out of them if your internet connection is sluggish or your computer isn’t powerful enough.

You will just squander money on sneaker servers if your bots are frequently blocked or caught in captchas.

You require numerous IP addresses that are flexible enough to vary over time. You won’t be able to make sneaker servers to their full potential till then. Speed is essential for sneaker copping success, and the combination of proxies and sneaker servers can increase your bot’s performance to previously unheard-of levels, enabling you to outperform your rivals for the desired pair of Nikes or other shoes.

4. Enabling more of the same purchases

Proxy proxies also make the impression that different requests are coming from various users, which is a helpful function. You can now operate simultaneously as a huge number of separate users in addition to your requests not being counted under the same IP address for the purpose of avoiding various restrictions.

If an item is only available for sale in a limited time per customer, you can purchase more than that amount because you are acting as if there are numerous customers shopping at once.

If you use the same IP address, you are only monitored as a single user. You are regarded as having numerous users if you use several of them. Additionally, with the aid of your bots, which work in this way when assisted by proxies, you can obtain content that is only accessible to a number of users.

5. Unlocking sales that are geo-restricted

If bots can only access what is available in your country, they will not be able to swiftly identify the best prices and the best items. Prices and even the items that are for sale vary throughout countries.

Your bots will be able to accomplish that without being constrained by regional restrictions because they will have multiple IP addresses that represent different countries. You can work remotely using proxies to give IP addresses from various countries that differ from your actual location.


All reasons for utilising proxies with sneaker bots boil down to one primary factor, which is also the primary motive for deploying bots in the first place. Your speed is being increased. Using sneaker servers, avoiding blocks with your bots, getting around captchas, and other tactics all serve to speed up sneaker copping. Additionally, employing proxies for bots will pay off if you shop around for the best deals regardless of your location and purchase as many items as you like.

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