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5 Apps and Services to Help Spam a Phone Number with Calls

5 Apps and Services to Help Spam a Phone Number with Calls

Got a mission for retaliation or a joke planned? Want to make a friend or neighbour the new Bart Simpson? Are you looking for a technique to call someone a lot and then laugh at their response? Receiving obnoxious calls and texts may be both irritating and fun, especially if you want to share the responses online and see how the recipient responds.

We recently shared some tips with you in a different article on how to sign a phone number for telemarketing and robocalls. We also listed five services in the article that users can use to spam someone’s phone number. However, the vast majority of the tools discussed in the article are online services. We were unable to find an app that works the purpose because Google has prohibited spam apps from the store.

The good news is that I recently came across 5 excellent apps that make it easy to call a phone number repeatedly. Most of them are frequently prank apps that can be found on Google Play and Apple Play. However, you may utilise them in a funnier and more inventive way to call and SMS-spam any number in an anonymous manner. Imagine sending the recipient a bizarre speeding ticket police call to startle them.

This article is solely meant to be read for fun and education, so please note that into consideration. What you choose to do with the material contained is up to you; we won’t be held accountable. Additionally, prank calling and phone number spamming are considered second-degree misdemeanours in many US states and other nations.

The Top 5 Apps for Spamming Calls to a Phone Number

1. JuasApp

Juasapp might sound familiar to you if you enjoy making prank calls. But if you also want to spam a phone number, you should give this app a shot. Juasapp functions by picking a phone number and a few jokes (audio) from the application’s already-provided jokes. The chosen joke will then be called to the phone number. The maximum numbers of times that you can perform this is. But if you want to make several calls, you’ll need to buy credits. Additionally, you can record prank calls for your friends.

One of the most widely used free spam and prank phone apps is called Juasapp. There are two distinct iterations of the tool:

Jokes Phone via JuasApp

Only available for Android, JuasApp – Prank Calls lets you pick the target of the prank. You can select a speeding ticket, a police call about unauthorised downloads, a power outage, etc. as examples. After that, you must enter the recipient’s phone number and the call time.

The tool will then call that person’s number and record their responses so you can listen and share them afterwards. The JuasApp – Prank Calls has the drawback of only being accessible in certain regions. never mind using a VPN!

Jokes Calls on JuasApp

JuasApp – Jokes Calls, on the other hand, is accessible on iOS. This tool lets you send live joke calls or do it yourself, as the name says.

It is a really easy process. Pick the voice you want the recipient to hear first (high-pitched, robot, squirrel, or helium voice.). The call can then be automated after you enter the contact’s mobile number. The app will then record the entire prank so you can listen to it, share it online, or laugh about it with friends.

2. JokesPhone – joke Calls

Another tool designed for folks who enjoy making prank calls or jokes over the phone is JokesPhone. Users who have never used the app before will send a free joke after downloading it. However, if you sign up using your Facebook identity, you can receive another free call.

You will receive as many joke packs as your friends make if you also promote Jokesphone to them.

The app JokesPhone has the same visual style as JuasApp. You must select your favourite from the list in order to create an anonymous practical joke (you can listen to examples so you can hear how they sound). Next, enter the person’s phone number and choose the day & time you wish to make the prank call.

Note in mind that the call is coming from the business’ switchboard. So you won’t be able to be recognised by the recipient. JokesPhone will record the practical prank so you can listen the victim’s reactions and perhaps share them on social media or instant messaging. But in order to end getting in trouble for harassment, I advise against sharing them online.

3. PrankDial

PrankDial is yet another of the most widely used free prank and spam phone number applications. You can employ a variety of its scenarios to make fun of your friends and family. Furthermore, you can filter it based on how well-liked or recent it is.

 Spam a Phone Number with Calls

This is how it works. Once you download the application, you may set up a false incoming call. You can put whichever name and image you like. Everyone will assume, for example, that the police are calling the receiver when the call pops up after their mobile phone starts ringing.

The way the app works is similar to other apps. When you enter the victim’s call number after selecting the prank option, the system calls the victim. You can then choose to hear the joke in real option. Once finished, the app logs the call and puts it in your account. So you can listen it whenever you like and share it to anyone you like.

At iOS and Android, PrankDial is free for no cost to download. On the internet, you can also schedule up a call. Put in their number, the sending number you want to select up on the other end, and a prank call scenario.

Additionally, you have the option of saving the person’s reaction. Note that you only need to save the recipient’s reply if they are not an resident of one of the following US states: California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Nevada, New Hampshire, Montana, New Jersey, Delaware, or the Virgin Islands.

spam call a phone

Since you’re aiming to spam their phone, you can also avoid saying “You’ve been pranked by PrankDial” at the end of the call by turning off the function:

Spam a Phone Number

You can make many more free pranks using this tool than with other apps and you can make one free call per day.

A sizable number of pranks have already been recorded by PrankDial. Therefore, you must select the one you want and the recipient’s phone number. Once the prank starts, you can enjoy it by listening to it and even recording it.

4. Prankster App

Prankster is a free app that can be used to call friends and acquaintances and harass them with prank calls. The callers will remain anonymous to those who receive them. You have access to a sizable archive of pre-recorded jokes with the help of this tool. You can select your favourite and send it without identifying yourself.

The first type is to select the kind of practical prank you’ll play. Next, enter the person’s phone number whose phone you wish to spam. You can choose it from the contact list if you have it there.

Wait for the person to respond after you’ve placed the call. The tape will then be saved by Prankster in the calls section of your smartphone once the joke is over, or when the other person has ended the call.

As a result, you are free to play it again and again while laughing at the victim of your prank. Additionally, you can share it using programmes like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, or Vine.

You are initially given two free calls by the prankster. And you need to buy calls if you want to keep doing pranks. Depending on the call pack you select, the cost per joke changes.

There is an iOS version of this app. It was formerly called as BromistaApp telephone pranks on Google Play. You may also find it under the name Prankster – Telephone pranks in the App Store. However, it has now been removed from the Google Play store.

5. Prank Dials and Calls

Prank Calls and Dials, commonly known as Vacilapp, is another application you may download if you want to spam phone numbers or make prank calls for no cost. One of the most popular prank apps is called Vacilapp. More than a million times have downloaded it. And its size is small (just 16 megabytes).

There are a number of credits available in Prank Calls and Dials that you can use to purchase pranks that will call your contacts. You will use more or less credits depending on the type and length of the joke, though you can obtain more as a bonus.

The operations are essentially the same, however the interface is less user-friendly than other prank apps.

Sending a prank call works in a process similar to other apps. You can view all of the available recording catalogues on the first tab. Click the Play prank (Demo) button when you’ve found the one that makes you laugh the most.

Enter the recipient’s phone number after that, choose the time and date, and then select if you want the call to be recorded. If you checked the box to record the call, you can listen to it once the joke is over and share it with anybody you like.

On iOS and Android, Prank Calls and Dials is free to download. You can make a free call using the app, but you’ll have to purchase credits to play more practical pranks.

Last Words

I’ve demonstrated the top 5 apps for calling a phone number repeatedly. Due to this subject’s sensitivity, it is less frequently discussed online. So please use the apps carefully, I beg you. Make that there is no regulation prohibiting the use of these apps where the person you are calling resides.

Prank apps and spam phone calls operate in a very similar way. You have access to a file of pre-recorded audios of various scenarios when using this kind of tool. You can select which is most fun for you. The call can then be scheduled by providing the recipient’s phone number and setting the call’s date and time. You would first need to purchase credits in order to send as many calls as you could. Otherwise, as detailed in the article I linked to earlier, you can use online services like Wackyprankcalls.com or sign up the phones for robocalling or telemarketing.

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