Techniques to Speak English Confidently


In the modern world, English has become an essential language used the most all across the globe. One reason behind picking up this topic is the low confidence issue that we have noticed for a long time among students of young age or even those who graduated or postgraduate. English speaking does not require you to be correct all the time; all it needs from you is confidence in speaking.


You might find this unusual why are we giving this as a technique to improve your English speaking skills. Let’s be clear about this, and we have reasons to justify it. After taking a deep breath, you feel more confident and relaxed when you start speaking. The stress which has been building inside you for quite a time automatically vanishes away.

When you are nervous, it is easy to forget things, especially when you are somewhere you need to deliver a good speech in front of everyone.

All you have to do before starting is breathe one time so that your blood inside has enough oxygen, which makes you more confident while speaking any language.

At the same time, English is a complicated yet easy language for those who do not practice the same as their mother tongue. Like Indians, we speak many different languages; out of these, English is undoubtedly the most spoken of all languages. One reason behind the popularity of English here in India is somewhere related to our past, the long history of Britain’s control over India. Secondly, if we point out another factor here, English is the most widely accepted professional language; therefore, it becomes necessary for a person to speak this language comfortably.

It is always advised for you because when you take a deep breath, it automatically finds some time to think about what you have to speak there and how exactly you should start it.

Slow Down

If you are a follower of some of the most influential English speakers in the world, you will find familiar among them is the pace at which they speak. The pace they adopt is usually slow and comforting. You might be thinking, that the person who is so great at the language and speaking skills, why is he speaking all so slowly here?

The answer to this is that When you speak slowly, your words are more apparent to the audience, which shows you how you have been heard and people got engaged already in your speaking. It fills your heart with confidence, which is required for the same and gives you some time to think about what you have to say next.


When you speak any language without an expression, you might not interest people even when you have good content.

A smile on your face can bring positivity to you and the audience, whose mood becomes light by watching you smile and speaking your best content.

Use this to your advantage when speaking English to feel happier and more confident.

Practice after making mistakes

Many times happens to us humans after we give speeches or put in front our views on specific topics in debates; we sometimes present wrong sentences grammatically, or the vocabulary used has no connection to the content. There are many waves of panic in such situations, but a wise man once said that one who makes a mistake is not a human.

For students, while digital tools help you overcome your fear of debates or English speaking, you prepare for your online interview or speech giving ceremony on different ERP and LMS portals. All these are ways to improve your English. Once you make a mistake, you must acknowledge it and work on it further to improve.

(ERP full form is Enterprise Resource Planning, and LMS full form is Learning Management System)

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