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Technologies That Are Transforming Online Commerce

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We’ll look at some technologies for online e-commerce in this piece because we know that technology can be another ally. Even though many of them are already well-known, the current e-commerce boom has merely increased their application.

Live Shopping and Live Content

You have probably seen a big boost in lives on your social network. That perception translated into a 70% spike in the number of live streaming on Instagram alone in March, according to Business Insider. Additionally, did you notice how many of them were from businesses?

Another developing trend is live streaming of advertisements or product demonstrations.

The ability to ask about questions of the vendor in real time and view the item from many perspectives is what makes live content and live shopping so fascinating. This makes the tool more interesting than, say, pre-recorded videos.

From the view of the salesperson, it is a way to sell, promote a new experience, deepen relationships with clients and prospects, and get to know your audience.

AI-Powered Autonomous Showcase

Autonomous storefronts are an improvement over custom storefronts; they are thought up, built, and presented automatically by artificial intelligence that studies customer navigation.

A/B tests and modifications are made to the windows’ performance automatically by artificial intelligence in order to increase conversion.

3D pictures

Would you buy a blind purchase of a product? Yes, chances are slim. This is the strength of image in e-commerce, the element that most significantly affects the intention to buy. However, it can be challenging to ensure that customers on online e-commerce websites have a clear notion of what they intend to buy.

Let’s move past 2D images and reach a new level of product display for e-commerce. Just as you would in an physical store, way turning products around to view them from various angles.

Artificial Reality

You may create augmented reality using 3D photos.

With it, customers may try products on themselves in addition to viewing them from other perspectives and positioning them in different settings.

Companies like Threekit, for instance, make visuals with astonishing visual fidelity by utilising the same technology as is used to create visual effects for movies.

At the moment, augmented reality has been a way of attracting customers, who end up connecting with products in a way that is even more intricate than in person.

Therefore, if your rival offers the possibility to use augmented reality to customise and view how the product looks, they will undoubtedly sell more than you.

Using Autonomous Vehicles for Freight

Because of the development in online sales, shipping and delivery are becoming more common and are looking to be automated. Online e-commerce autonomous cars are another technology that has the potential to completely change the home delivery sector.

Drones can also be brought up because they already give the addition of autonomous freight even when operated remotely.

Virtual Assistants for Voice and Chat

Call centres were being replaced over place by virtual assistants and chatbots. However, since the epidemic, the focus has shifted to the widespread adoption of conversational AI-based technologies.

Interesting information on virtual assistants is revealed by a Capgemini survey:

  • Consumer acceptance and happiness with virtual assistant interactions are rising: 72% of consumers think they have more faith in a firm after a positive engagement with conversational AI.
  • 74% of businesses believe technology is crucial for customer engagement.

Technologies in Online Commerce: An Ever-Evolving Trend

As we’ve been discussing, omnichannel, contactless, self-service, customer-centric, and the goal of retention are the new norms in sales.

Once things return to normal, these new habits won’t just vanish. The public will want even better online shopping experiences as a result of the radicalization of the trend.

So it’s time to embrace the new shopping trends and make sure that customers’ expectations are met.

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