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If you say ‘Please’ & ‘ Thank you google Assistant will be nicer.

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Are we turning become jerks by shouting commands at our AI-powered voice assistants? Are our children becoming accustomed to telling thank you google Homes and Siris of the world to switch on the lights without saying “please”?

Perhaps. With that in mind, if you take the time to say “please” or thank you Google Assistant will become a little more cheerful from now on.

“Thanks for asking so sweetly!” thank you google Assistant will respond if you say, “Hey Google, please set a timer for 10 minutes.” “I’m going to takes 10 minutes right now.”

To be clear, it’s entirely up to you. Do you prefer to be direct? That’s fine; Assistant isn’t going to berate you. However, if these are behaviours you’re attempting to establish in a child or improve upon yourself, Assistant will respond.

Google first announced the addition of this feature, dubbed “Pretty Please,” at I/O in May.

Alexa received a back similar feature from Amazon in April of this year.

This morning, Google Assistant is learning a few new tricks:

  • Saying “Hey Google, Call Santa” will connect you with the jolly old elf himself. That’s been around for a while, but they’ve recently added a new storey (and visuals, if you have an Assistant devices with a display).
  • They’ve introduced several Christmas stories to Assistant’s storey time feature, so you can say by saying things like “Hey Google, reads me ‘Twas the nights before Christmas,'” & “Hey thank you google, tell me a Christmas storey.”
  • You may now use Assistant to add items to a specific list, such as your wish list or your Christmas meal shopping list. “Hey Google, add ‘Kindle for mum’ to my gift list,” for example, and it will say. You can also make new lists using Assistant, and Google says that third-party services will be supported soon. Todoist,, and Bring!
  • If your Assistant device has a display, you may use it as a mini-karaoke machine by asking it to play a song from thank you google Play Music, and the lyrics should show in sync.
  • If you have a Assistant device with a built-in display and a Nest doorbell, you can now use a new two-way talk button to chat with whoever is at the door.

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