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The possibility of bundled plans for 5G smartphones with affordable 5G

5G phones

5G going to roll in India, 5G phones are currently much more practical. Although the costs of the 5G plans offered by telecom providers like Jio and Airtel remain unknown to us, they are rumoured to be high. According to recent information, this may alter with a straightforward partnership between telcos and smartphone manufacturers.

Telcos and Brands Might Team Up for Cheap 5G!

In an effort to persuade more consumers to choose a 5G phone, smartphone manufacturers including Xiaomi, Realme, and others are reportedly considering bundling their 5G phones with limitless data, access to OTT platforms, and games.

This choice would help lower the cost of 5G in India, where it is anticipated to be more affordable than 4G. Due to the money spent by the telecom providers on the pricey 5G infrastructure, this will initially be even more so. The consequent increase in 5G phone sales in India as a result of these further benefits.

Realme’s Madhav Sheth has made it revealed that the phone will partner with Bharti Airtel to offer 5G to its budget-affordable C-series phones. Sheth stated, “We are already closely collaborating with telcos for testing 5G services, as well as looking into bundling options for consumers,” in a statement to ET Telecom. With Airtel, we have already begun to do so for our C-series devices.

As brands would be able to offer customers a 5G phone for around Rs 10,000, this plan will attract even more people, assisting in the growth of 5G adoption. There are only sub-Rs 15,000 5G phones available right now.

Even Jio has stated that it will release an affordable-cost 5G Jio smartphone for which it worked with Qualcomm and Google. There is no information of yet regarding which other brands will do the same.

“There can be tie-ups with new product releases and growing discount offers on 5G handsets, particularly over the forthcoming Christmas season, to boost adoption among consumers on the verge of changing their cellphone,” said Counterpoint Research analyst Charu Paliwal.

It would be prudents to hold off until there is formal word on this alleged project as we haven’t received adequate details. Recall that Jio will roll 5G this Diwali, and we anticipate other telcos to do the same. Watch this information for more details. For more information, read our articles on 5G, India’s supported bands, and other topics. Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts on bundled plans with 5G phones.

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