The role of professions in the World of Warcraft and is it worth devoting time to them

The World of Warcraft universe continues to grow as part of new updates. The player is offered all new activities and active raids with different difficulty levels.

In all this diversity and the desire to quickly master the maximum lvl by quickly pumping, chaining quests and turning to power leveling services wow, the role of professions has greatly decreased, and many players began to forget about them, focusing on PVP and raids.

Are professions worth the attention of players? Let’s figure it out:

  • What do professions give
  • What can be mastered
  • Relationship between professions and profit

What do professions give

A profession is a skill that a character develops by performing certain actions. Always associated with mining or creating activities.

Most often, professions bring resources and finished products that can be equipped on a character, or sold on the marketplace to get gold.

A character can learn two main professions and three additional ones.

What can be mastered

Professions are divided into mining and creating.

Creation professions are pumped in hunting zones when processing special objects.

From the creation, you can found:

  • Mining – allows you to mine mountain deposits for ore and gems. Requires a pickaxe.
  • Skinning – allows you to remove the skins of dead animals for processing them into leather. Requires a cutting knife.
  • Gathering Herbs – allows you to collect herbs and flowers for the future production of potions and first aid items.

From the creators you can master:

  • Blacksmithing – consumes ore to be smelted into ingots. Allows you to create heavy armor and various weapons from iron.
  • Tailoring – uses materials obtained from animals to produce cotton and the production of magical armor.
  • Leatherworking – uses harvested hides to produce leather and create light armor.
  • Jewelcrafting – Uses gems to craft jewelry with unique stats and fills weapon sockets with gems that also give the weapon additional stats.
  • Engineering – ingots are used to create various mechanisms and turrets.
  • First Aid – Uses herbs and flowers to create bandages and antidotes, produces potions that restore health.

From additional professions you can master:

  • Fishing – Catch fish and sell as materials, or use in cooking. Requires a fishing rod.
  • Cooking – prepare dishes from various products and fish. Food gives the character additional characteristics for a period of time. The higher the skill of the cook, the stronger the characteristics and the longer the effect lasts.
  • Archeology – allows the character to better understand the history of the continents by conducting excavations in various game locations. The reward will be valuable items and completed achievements that will give the character permanent passive characteristics.

Relationship between professions and profit

All professions in World of Warcraft have a close relationship with each other. To fully earn on professions, you need to either choose two gathering professions and engage in the sale of resources, or take related professions and use the finished product to equip the character, or sell on the marketplace.

What professions are interconnected:

  • Skinning and leatherworking.
  • Mining and blacksmithing
  • Mining and jewelry
  • Tailoring and any profession to choose from because of the originality. If you’re playing as a mage, jewelry making will do as a way to craft magical weapons.
  • Herb gathering and alchemy – the production of offensive and defensive potions.
  • Collection of herbs and first aid – bandages and antidotes.

With the selection of the two correct professions, you will be able to perform a full production cycle – to extract materials and convert them into finished goods. This will help both equip the character and replenish your pocket with gold through sales.

There are only two professions, and you will have to close the rest of the character’s requests by buying from other players and knocking out in raids and other characters need to do the same, so your craft will also be in demand.

You can also exchange equipment and potions, as many players do.

Archeology remains a separate profession, but it has a different purpose. The archaeologist conducts excavations on the game continents for a better knowledge of the game universe and is rewarded for this with unique rewards and skills from the achievement system.

Achievements will allow the character to obtain unique passive skills and mounts, depending on the difficulty of the completed achievement. Some of them are hidden in the leveling of archeology, so that it would be more interesting for the characters to learn the game history of all the continents of the World of Warcraft.

To carry out excavations, you need to find a place on the map marked with a shovel – this is the land in which you can dig in order to find useful resources and new knowledge.

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