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2022’s Top Alternatives to Thingiverse


Before discussing alternatives to Thingiverse, it should be noted that Thingiverse is a website that provides access to a variety of resource sharing and customised 3D printing plans created by the manufacturing community. As a MakerBot partner that was formally established in 2008, Thingiverse has remained a popular platform for 3D printing aficionados. People relied on their neat and orderly design to obtain affordable pintables, correctly print information, and gain understanding from a variety of examples.

Sadly, the Thingiverse pages frequently experience lengthy wait periods, presumably as a result of their popularity. When you anticipate three or four designs—or perhaps more—related to a complex topic to be efficiently and quickly examined, it can completely detract from the consumer experience. Additionally, it’s possible that you’ll never be satisfied with what is offered under contract while looking for a particular item.

Fortunately, Thingiverse has a wide range of excellent competitors who are vying for attention in terms of diversity, quality, and quality. If you’re looking for a website that maintains itself, look no further than our reviews of the best alternatives to Thingiverse until 2020!

10 Alternatives to Thingiverse.com

1. PrusaPrinters


PrusaPrinters is a smaller database than some of the others, but it is regularly maintained and expanding quickly. The database is pretty young, so there don’t appear to be many clunkers or out-of-date models there. The network is dependable, and the search engine and user interface are both strong.

The 3D model repository is a component of a larger community ecosystem that also includes design competitions and blog posts with tutorials and printing advice. A recent addition that lets you see every STL file there is an embedded 3D viewer. New features are often added. All models are now available for free download, however the developers say the ability to sell your designs through PrusaPrinters is someday coming.

2. CGTrader


CGTrader was established in 2011 to become a system for online commerce. It was able to buy and sell 3D designs while appreciating the work of 3D designers in a positive way. One of the services offered by this business is the opportunity for customers and online merchants to convert their 2D design concepts into a 3D range for virtual reality or other display applications.

There is a tremendous selection of range designs available on CGTrader, both paid and limitless. There are actually more than 950,000 available, therefore there isn’t a shortage. A more widespread use of the “Trader Loyalty Discount” could lead to more purchases marked with the piggy bank symbol.

3. Cults


In addition to being the first autonomous marketplace framework for 3D files, Cults is a really great website that was established in 2014. This blog has 800,000 employees worldwide in addition to the 85,000 designs that have been accessed. That’s extremely impressive given the small staff team of three individuals. In addition to these numbers, we found a number of noteworthy qualities that make cults appealing to clients. The first and possibly top most significant of these promos includes discounts and sales on polymer, clothes (such as blue tape), and 3D printing.

4. Pinshape


Pinshape’s stated goal is to make 3D printing simple and enjoyable, and they have adhered to this goal. The company establishes its identity using an online platform where users and creatives can come together in a way akin to a Venn diagram. Makers can choose from a variety of topics, and in a dynamic organisation, designers of all levels can pick their abilities. Next to the many styles available, there is a useful rating feature that sorts initiatives by significance.

5. YouMagine


In fact, YouMagine is a platform that makes the idea of creating CAD and 3D documents very simple. It specifically refers to remixing currently used techniques, but with great care being taken to protect original artwork. They promise that their takedown system will look for any printed print violation.

On YouMagine, there are over 17,000 prototypes available for selection. Although that is not exactly on Thingiverse, the performance and range are often stronger, making it a robust option. Users can select by bracket and the most well-known, highlighted, or currently popular categories.

6. Export 3D


3DExport has been a strong contender in this market. They were established in 2004 and are market leaders in one game with a staggering 200,000 design elements and 500,000 representatives on the system.

Excellent educational programmes and tools cover in-quality subjects including biology, engineering, mathematics, physics, car components, and astronomy. Retrieve a drop-down table and use it to select paid or unpaid models. As an added benefit, various tutorials will guide you step-by-step using a pre-recorded setup. This gives users the ability to precisely reproduce procedures, enhancing their chances of mastering a particular project with the flexibility of pausing and rewinding at will.

7. 3Dagogo


Try to explore both ends of the 3D printing spectrum as 3Dagogo offers prints in a variety of categories, from more useful applications to beautiful and practical models, both priced and affordable.

Certain protections are advantageous to both developers and customers. Liberties against infringement have been established. The latter, on the other hand, has 14 working days from date of purchase to request a refund if they purchase a print that is not compatible with their printer makeup. A public help centre is also accessible to address any questions.

8. GrabCAD


If you were already familiar with 3D design, programming, and modelling, it would have been the ideal match for you. There is a thriving graphic artist community on GrabCAD who frequently exchange knowledge and skills.

The appropriately called framework enables users to download CAD designs, including stl and obj files. They do have a different repository for 3D printing.

9. Treatstock


A multifaceted website called Treatstock provides 3D printing and CNC machining equipment. If users do not have access to a 3D printing machine or mill and you want to get a model posted, you can publish your document and have it professionally created. Another intriguing feature of Treatstock is the opportunity to purchase services independently. You may join Treatstock as a producer and help out. If you are an expert in 3D printing and want to answer people’s questions about the technology, you may open a business and start providing your services.

10. 3DVIA


Are you interested in interior design? You can create and share 3D home models using 3DVIA, primarily with other people on the planet. You might also examine designs to get ideas for how to improve the appearance of your business. Check out the homepage’s warehouse, which enables you to share or configure design elements.


How robust is PLA plastic, first?

Even though PLA is a biodegradable material, it is incredibly strong and resilient. Along with ABS, PLA has proven to be more difficult to work with than other materials in the 3D printing industry. Despite having a lower tensile strength than the other material, ABS is typically more crumbly.

What is the most exciting thing to print with such a powerful 3D printing?

You could print all kinds of fascinating objects with such a 3D printing device. From the locations given above, you may get a good idea of how many prototypes there are. Some fun pieces include a carabiner, a keyholder, and baskets, among many more.

What kind of paperwork are 3D files for printing?

Standard Triangle Language, or STL, is the industry standard file format for publishing 3D documents. The creation and transmission of a Stl format is simple with almost any cutting-edge Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications. This data file is subsequently converted into a digital code by scraping, creating your finished 3D framework.


No matter what you’re doing with your 3D-printed design needs, it’s realistic to believe that there is still a system that will work after looking at the finest Thingiverse substitute. You more than likely already have one. Whether you are a novice or an expert, there is no lack of stuff to choose from.

If Pinshape promotes delight just for the location, which is what I believe 3D printing must be, then I adore it. Although 3D printing has substantial printing requirements for critical purposes, it may also be enjoyable to occasionally kick back and have a little fun.

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