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What Is a Tax Identification Tin number and How Do I Get One?

The Internal Revenue Service uses a nine-digit number called a Tax Identification tin number as a tracking number (IRS). On all tax -returns filed with the IRS, it is required information. Except for Social Security numbers (SSNs), which are issued by the Social Security Administration, all U.S. tax identification numbers (TINs) or tax I.D. numbers are issued directly by the IRS (SSA). 1 Foreign tax identification numbers (foreign TINs) are likewise not issued by the IRS, but by the country where the non-US taxpayer pays taxes.

Important Points to Remember

  • Tax identification numbers (TINs) are nine-digit tracking numbers used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to enforce tax regulations.
  • The IRS issues all tax identification numbers in the United States, with the exception of social security number’s, which are issued by the Social Security Administration.
  • Tax filers must mention their tax identification number on all tax-related documents as well as when applying for benefits.
  • When applying for credit or an employment, TINs are also required.
  • Tax identification numbers come in a variety of forms, including employer identification numbers, individual tax identification numbers, and adoption tax identification numbers.

The Tax Identification Number: An Overview (TIN)

A tax identification number is a series of numbers that distinguishes individuals, corporations, and other entities such as non profits (NPOs). A tin number must be applied for by each individual or entity. The assigning agency assigns the applicant a unique number once they have been approved.

The TIN, also known as a taxpayer identification number, is required for anyone who files annual tax returns with the IRS and is used by the agency to trace taxpayers. When claiming government benefits or services, filers must submit the number of tax-related papers. 2

TINs are also required for the following reasons:

  • For credit: Social Security numbers are required on credit applications by banks and other lenders. This information is subsequently sent to the credit bureaus to ensure that the application is being filled out by the correct person. TINs—particularly SSNs—are also used by credit reporting companies to report and track an individual’s credit history.
  • For employment: Employers require a Social Security number from anyone applying for an employment. This is done to ensure that the individual is legally authorised to work in the United States. The numbers are double-checked by employers with the issuing agency.


  • For state agencies: Businesses must have state identification numbers in order to file tax returns with their respective state tax agency. The filer receives the I.D. number immediately from the state taxing authority.

There are numerous types of tax identification numbers, sometimes known as taxpayer identification numbers. Individuals are given TINs in the form of Social Security numbers (SSNs), whereas businesses (such as corporations and partnerships) are given employment identification numbers (EINs) (EINs). Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs), Adoption Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ATINs), and Preparer Tax Identification Numbers are all examples of TINs (PTIN). More information abouts these types can be found in the sections below.

Particular Points to Consider

TINs are used in almost every country for a variety of reasons. For example, in Canada, Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) are used for employment, tax, benefits, and credit. 3 The SIN is a nine-digit unique identification that is formatted as XXX-XXX-XXX, just as the SSN in the United States.

TINs are also used in the European Union. They assist government agencies tin number in identifying taxpayers and allowing them to invest their funds throughout the United States. 4

Tax Identification Numbers Come in a Variety of Forms (TIN)

Number of the Social Security Administration (SSN)

The most prevalent tax identification number is the social security number (SSN). The Social Security Administration issues SSNs to individuals who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or certain temporary residents. These numbers are formatted as XXX-XX

To obtain legal employments in the United States, as well as to receive social security benefits and other government services, the SSN is required.

5 Before a parent may claim their child as a dependent for income tax purposes, they must have an SSN, which implies parents voluntarily apply for the number on their children’s behalf.

6 A dependent can be claimed if the child has an tin number. The Social Security Administration (SSA) handles applications for free, but there are also tin number fee-based services that help new parents complete their applications.

Because your Social Security numbers is a unique identification that might be used by fraudsters, only give it out to those who need it, such as the IRS, employers, and lenders.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a number that is assigned to each (ITIN)

When nonresident and resident aliens, their spouses, and their dependents are ineligible for Social Security numbers, the IRS issues an Individual Taxpayers Identification Number (ITIN). The tin number starts with a 9 and follows the same format as an SSN tin number To complete an individual tax identification number, the applicant must fill out Form W-7 and submit papers proving residency. 7 Colleges, banks, and accounting firms frequently assist candidates in obtaining their ITIN.

Number assigned to the employer (EIN)

The Employee Identification Number (EIN) is used by the IRS to identify corporations, trusts, and estates that are required to pay taxes. Employer tax ID numbers are 9 digits long, yet they are read. Those who qualify the requirements for an tin number must apply for one and utilise it to report their earnings for number purposes. It is free to applys for an EIN, and businesses can get one right away.

Tax Identification Number for Adoption (ATIN)

The ATIN is only used in domestic adoptions when the adoptive parents are unable to obtain the child’s SSN in time to file their tax returns. The child must be an U.S. citizen & permanent resident, and the adoption must be pending in order to qualify. 9

Tax Identification Tin number (PTIN)

The IRS required requiring the inclusion of a PTIN on all returns filed on January 1, 2011. Using the PTIN was optional prior to this date. 10 Any preparer who is paid to complete all or part of another individual’s tax return must have a PTIN and use it. 11

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tax Identification Numbers (TINs)

How can I obtain a TIN?

You can obtain a tax identification number by applying an application to the appropriate agency. For example, the Social Security Administration can provide you with a Social Security number tin number. You may be able to obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or a Business Taxpayer Identification Number (BTIN) directly from the Internal Revenue Service.

I’m not sure if I need a TIN.

If you are authorised to work in the United States or plan to file taxes with the IRS, you will need a TIN. If you want to takes advantage of government benefits or services, you’ll also need a TIN. You’ll need a TIN to run your day-to-day operations and report your taxes if you run a business or other organisation.

What is the best way to look for my TIN on the internet?

An formal document with your unique identifier is provided by the agency that issues your TIN. You won’t be ables to get it online because it’s a sensitive piece of information. If you forget or lose your paperwork, you should contact the issuing agency, such as the Social Security Administration, to obtain a new TIN.

Is a TIN the same as an tax identification number?

A TIN, which stands for tax identification number or taxpayer-identification number, is the same as a tax I.D.

Is there a difference between a TIN and a Social Security number?

A TIN can be something like a Social Security number. You can use your SSN to obtain for employment in the United States, get credit from banks and other lenders, and file your annual tax returns with the IRS.

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