Top 15 eCommerce Technologies Reshaping Businesses in 2022


Want $2,723,991 million? Statista predicts the eCommerce market will make the above amount in 2022.

Not huge?

Yes! You may be a part of this if you follow the appropriate marketing plan and include the right resources in your business. The e-commerce sector is huge, and if you win it, you’ll make more.

E-commerce is known for offering superior convenience to customers, whether it’s the transaction procedure, buying products, flexibility in selecting products, availability of products, and more. When companies use smart technology, these eCommerce benefits become apparent.

If you have an online business and want to attract worldwide customers, you must understand eCommerce technology trends. What eCommerce technology trends should your marketing embrace? What long-distance technology exists?

Let’s dive into eCommerce technology trends and how they’ll shape online business.

E-commerce technology has huge benefits for your business in 2022.

15 eCommerce Tech Trends for 2022

1. Mobile technology’s rise

Customers find mobile phone online buying convenient, comfortable, and confident. 93% of Millennials have online offers on their mobile device. Why mobile apps convert 3X better than mobile webpages. marketingland.com

As an online merchant, building a mobile-friendly app or website will give you quick benefits.

How can I create a mobile-friendly eCommerce site?

Check if your site is mobile-friendly at https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly. Google’s tool for quickly testing a site’s mobile-friendliness.

Enter your site’s URL in Inbox and click Test URL; Google offers the outcome and reasons in a few seconds.

2. Build PWA (Progress Web App) for your online business.

Why should you build PWA for your online store?

Progressive Web Apps help online merchants engage customers. Engaging it offers various benefits, like:

  • Browser- and mobile-friendly.
  • These apps work offline.
  • App-like UI.
  • PWAs are cheaper than other apps.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Notifications
  • Use less.
  • Non-app store reliant
  • Self-updates.
  • Allows engaging mobile users on the web.


3. E-wallet technology is a major eCommerce trend.


Payment options engage customers. Your brand will win if you offer convenient and secure online transactions. If your eCommerce store doesn’t accept e-wallets, customers may leave.

  • E-wallet technology or online payment methods can also assist your business.
  • Sales increased.
  • Lowers transaction expenses

Companies like Paytm, Alipay, Apple Pay, American Express, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Wallet have digital wallets. Google, Amazon, and PayPal offer global e-wallets.

4. New customer with eCommerce trends-subscription services


The eCommerce subscription business has gained popular in past years and will rise by 68% by 2025, to $478.2 billion. Subscription services have increased 403% in eight years.

Subscription service isn’t as straightforward as it looks because no one enjoys continuous expenses. A 14-day or 30-day free trial is the greatest strategy to convince people to sign up for a subscription service.

5. Upselling and cross-selling: new eCommerce trends

Offering your customer a more expensive product with the one they like is a key e-commerce expertise. Cross-selling involves. It’s offering complementary products to the one your customer wants.

Upselling is when you sell a brand-new customer a higher-priced product. But with that product you offer extra, it’s probably on the same service or offer they already have.

Spotify’s free version includes advertising saying they’ll upsell the service if you pay a certain amount.

If you’re not using these techniques, start immediately. These are vital and precise business techniques.

6. eCommerce’s latest technology is augmented and virtual reality


AR VR eCommerce businesses offer millennials a unique online purchasing experience.

AR enriches the physical around the world by overlaying virtual components like text, image, or video through displays, impacting e-commerce.

People may now trial products from home, lowering hurdles for online buyers.

Both are top e-commerce technology. They can gain additional customer insight. AR and AI-optimized advertising will boost eCommerce advertising.

7. CRM integration is the start of new eCommerce trends.

Using e-commerce CRM, you can join or establish markets to grow your brand. By integrating CRM, e-commerce can send emails to high-value customers. It boosts company profits.

Using CRM in e-commerce increases sales from new and returning customers. Implementing it improves customer interactions by creating a high-quality experience for customers and prospects.

Use CRM to deliver a wonderful customer experience across all channels and enhance conversions.

BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Magento 3dcart, WooCommerce, etc. are all eCommerce platforms. Many businesses are responding nicely to Magento.

8. Magento works for big and small businesses for various reasons.

  • This e-commerce platform’s migration powers make business migration easier than before.
  • Third-party apps are supported.
  • Large developer community.
  • Updatable, scalable, and adaptable.
  • It supports multi-store.

9. eCommerce influencer marketing trends


Online influencers are the finest approach to grow an eCommerce business. 70% of buyers or online customers trust recommendations. Their advice affects clients’ decisions.

89% of marketers feel influencer marketing provides a higher ROI.


10. Social media is a major trend in eCommerce.

75% of people have bought something after seeing it on social media, and 90% use it to make buying decisions.Investing time and money in social media has paid off for eCommerce businesses.

Organic or paid social media initiatives might engage a bigger community. Here, you may grow a brand with great content. You can activate additional sales for your business in a few minutes.

11. Supply Chain Intelligence

Cognitive supply chain is vital to a business; it improves customer experience. Automation, consolidation, assistance, data sharing, customer-centric services, etc.

12. Video marketing

Whether it’s a new service, app, website, course, or product, a promotional film is worth it.


13. Gamification a New Way to Do eCommerce Business

Gamification has been used in brand marketing for several years. A brand should leverage gaming elements to promote engagement and loyalty, especially to stay ahead.

14. Chatbots

Using chatbots in e-commerce boosts organisations’ ROI. Emerging technologies like AI, ML, and NLP enable the business interact more customers. A bot can greet new web visitors with a personalised message.

The chatbot market is anticipated to grows from $2.6 billion in 2022 to $9.4 billion by 2024, and 80% of companies will use them in 2022.

15. Voice Search

Voice search will dominate e-commerce. We observe faster adoption of voice search technology because people find it more fascinating to interact and search companies.

Keep implementing eCommerce technology and earning profits!

E-Next commerce’s Steps

People are buying less than before, but they are still buying. Online shopping allows them to shop from anywhere with a single swipe. Some buyers use voice-activated digital assistants; others buy through social media or influencers.

This is what’s happening in eCommerce, and we expect more. ECommerce technology trends will bring more relevant content, customised services, etc.

Thats all from me I hope you find the list of e-commerce technology helpful for your business. If you know more, please comment so other online retailers can benefit.


Q1: What are new e-commerce technology trends?

A1: Technology runs the world, and so does eCommerce. The impact of technology is obvious in customer shopping behaviour. So let’s view the latest technology in a world-ruling e-commerce business.

  • AR
  • AI/big data
  • Social media marketing
  • In-store online experience
  • Speech-to-text
  • Video marketing
  • Subscriptions
  • Chatbots

Which mobile eCommerce trends are popular?

6.65% of Google Home or Amazon Echo people don’t want to back search for products, citing GeoMarketing. Other mobile eCommerce trends to watch:

  • Shopping via mobile apps. Online shoppers increasingly use mobile devices.
  • Smartphone/tablet sales
  • Click-to-order
  • E-commerce
  • Voice-Shop
  • Mobile chatbots.
  • VR/AR
  • Mobile-omnichannel shoppers

What are eCommerce’s top trends?

A3: The latest technology affects the eCommerce business scene. Because of this, buyers are turning to the web for online shopping. By 2020, 7.8 billion people worldwide will shop online. Sleeknote What e-commerce trends are working? Briefly:

  • Online sales rise
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Personalization
  • Instagram marketing
  • Speed-to-market
  • Business uncertainty
  • Digital tools/platforms
  • Easy checkout

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