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Alternatives to Torrentz2.eu, Proxy Servers, and Mirrors to Use in 2022


Is it not possibles for you to access the torrentz.eu? You’re not on your own. The.eu domains of the top-rated torrent meta-search engine has ceased working for users all across the Internet.

Torrentz2.eu, a popular clones of the popular torrentz search engine website, was the go to destination for millions of the Internet users looking for games, movies, books, and music.

It was a torrent search engines that returned results from well-known torrent sites including The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, RARBG, and Kickass Torrents, among others.

However, due to an legal concern, it was shut down.

We’ve compiled an list of some of the top Torrentz2.eu-like sites and alternatives for downloading torrent files.

1. Torrentz.eu

Torrentz.eu.com is a popular clone of the prominent movie website torrentz2.

Torrentz2 indexes over 26 torrent sites, allowing you to search for torrents from all of the best torrent sites on the web.

The user interface is relatively unchanged. You can search for torrents in a variety of genres, including movies, TV series, and more.

2. Snowfl

Snowfl is the next best Torrentz2.eu alternative on the list. It offers the most simple and user-friendly interface of any torrent aggregator. Snowfl mostly displays torrents from 1337x, YTS, Rockbox, and The Pirates Bay.

Users should type the torrent’s name into the keyword field and hit enter or the search button. It will provide immediate results without the need of any additional gimmicks.

On a single page, it displays 120-170 results with the opportunity to view more. For users who like a dark display, there is a dark mode that relaxes the eyes.

Seeds, leech, size, a torrent site, genre, and torrent age are all included in the torrent results. All of the information is displayed in plain language on the screen.

Tor users can also access the meta-torrent search engine over a.onion connection.

3. Torrends

Torrends, formerly Torrents.me, comes highly recommended as a Torrentz.eu alternative for torrent torrents. It supports torrent searches from all the main torrent websites as well as meta-search engines.

You can search for torrents from an single torrent site rather than a group of them all at once. A button on the website’s top bar allows users to enable proxy.

You’ll find several sections of torrents representing a range of genres as you browse down the website. The trending section displays the most popular searches recently.

The search results are powered using TorrentSeeker.

Also check-out our guides on how to unblock torrent sites.

4. Toorgle

Toorgle, a Google-inspired torrent search engine, has search to the most torrent sites. It looks for your searched torrent on over 450 torrent sites and displays the results.

This Google powered Torrentz2.eu alternative displays results from many torrent sites. It has an clean, simple interface for searching torrents.

The torrents are displayed as Google search results. You can go to a specific torrent site to see whether it carries the torrent you’re looking for.

Users of Mozilla Firefox can download a search bar as an addition to search for torrents without searching to go to a search engine.

5. Veoble

This dark-themed Veoble is the final Torrentz2.eu alternative for today. It also displays results from your favourite torrent sites using Google custom search.

This torrent meta-search engine’s torrent results are superior to those of other Google-based torrent meta-search engines.

By using the filters, you can search for torrents in up to eight different languages. It allows users to search for torrents in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, and Arabic.

By clicking on the leader torrent sites’ names, which are displayed in white in the top bar, the meta-search engine allows you to search for torrents from those sites. When you click on any of the torrent sites, you’ll see results for the previously searched keyword for that website.

Proxy And Mirror Sites For Torrentz2.eu In 2022

If the torrent search engine is not opening or is blocked for you, below are all the working Torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites.

  • https://torrentz2.org.in
  • https://ww2.torrentz2.cyou
  • https://torrentz2eu.org
  • https://torrentz2.io
  • https://www.torrentz.eu.com/

Torrentz2.eu’s brief history

Torrentz2.eu was created to replace the popular torrent search engine torrentz, which was shut down due to legal difficulties.

However, due to suspension, it recently changed domains.

Now it’s your turn.

These were some of the greatest Torrentz2.eu alternatives for torrent searching on the web.

The official Torrentz2.eu alternative, which is run by the same team but uses a different domain to minimise access concerns for users, is #1 on the list.

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