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Login for TouchTunes in 2022


Over 75,000 bars & restaurants in North America & Europe offer TouchTunes, the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform.

A expanding variety of location-based digital solutions that promote social engagement through shared experiences are supported by the TouchTunes network.

In order to log into their accounts and manage their accounts online, registered users of the TouchTunes App must first complete the TouchTunes Login step. Users can log the login page for their online accounts at https://signon.touchtunes.com.

Users gets direct access to the TouchTunes Bar Rewards, TouchTunes Jukebox, TouchTunes Locations, and TouchTunes Bar Connect services after they have entered into an online account.

Additionally, TouchTunes INC has released an online application that allows registered users to access their TouchTunes account with just one login.

Login to TouchTunes

Users of the TouchTunes App need their login information in order to access and manage their online accounts. Once you have your TouchTunes Login credentials, log into your online accounts by following the TouchTunes Login procedures listed below.

Step 1: Launch your website browser and go to the #TouchTunes Login Portal @


Step 2: You will be take to the login portal in a new. The compulsory form asks for your username (or email address) and password.

  • The users can also utilise their Facebook login accounts to log their online accounts.

Step 3:  After correctly entering your login information, click the #LOG IN button below, and you will be taken to your TouchTunes account on the following page.

signon.touchtunes.com advice & parting thoughts

To keep their login information private, registered users of the TouchTunes account are advised to keep it a secret. Check your login information and URL first if you are having trouble accessing your online account or the www.touchtunes.com portal. If you are still having the trouble logging in, let us know about it in the comments section below and we’ll help you online at loginee.info.

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