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2022’s Top Free Video Conferencing Apps

Video Conferencing Apps

In particular at this very moment in 2022 video conferencing apps, working from home has never been easier. With so many freelancers working from home, including programmers, developers, animators, etc., it is essential to stay in touch with your clients or employers. Your boss has undoubtedly established their own method of communication with the staff. There might, however, be better choices available.

Additionally, if you are one of these managers, you could be seeking for something that is both professional and job-free while still accomplishing the desired results. Video conferencing apps have become more crucial than ever for those of us who are work from home due to the recent pandemic.

2022’s Top Free Video Conferencing Apps

Using a special app for video conferencing is the most effective method. These capabilities are present in your regular chat apps, but they don’t offer professionalism. The following list of free video conferencing apps available in 2022 includes a lot of websites and apps that may be used for video conferences.

1. Zoom


I feel very safe in claiming that the majority of large enterprises and professionals have utilised zoom in the past or are at least somewhat familiar with it. Although I’ll be the first to acknowledge that purchasing Zoom is preferable to using the free version, once you experience its capabilities, you’ll want to do so regardless.

The UI is neat and orderly, but more importantly, it is quite easy to use. It is incredibly easy to add people to a conference call, and the administrator has complete control and regulation. In this app, conference rooms are referred to as “ZoomRooms.” The days of crowding people into a single room are long gone. Instant meetings can be started, and desktop and mobile connections are both possible.

The standard file sharing, desktop sharing, whiteboard support for instruction, phone system, and instant messaging feature are also included. Meetings can also be recorded for free in MP4 or M4A formats. The 256-bit encryption is a thoughtful addition.

The 40-minute time limit for conference calls is the sole negative, but hey, you could always start another one immediately. If you decide to pay for it, the conference duration is unlimited and you can add-up to a thousand people.

2. Hangouts Meet on Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

The best option for larger or more modestly sized enterprises using Gsuite business apps is this one. These include Sheets, Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, and, of course, Google Hangout. Due to the bit that Google Hangouts has two versions, there is some uncertainty surrounding it. Since they are both good, I’ll discuss both of them.

You can download the usual Google Hangouts app for free to your smartphone or app. Their “Hangouts Chat” app, a different piece of software, may eventually feature this. Having you so far? Although the video calls on Hangouts are limited to 10 people, the chat feature can be used with over 150 people.

The fact that Hangouts Meet is packaged with Gsuite makes it technically not free. However, Google Docs and other apps like Hangout Meet are undoubtedly already part of most businesses’ use of Gsuite. Why is that important? Because you won’t have to go out and buy a different programme separately.

Additionally a web app, Hangouts Meet makes things much easier. The dial-in number allows you to join calls while you’re on the go, and calls are never dropped. Your life will be much easier if you use Hangout Meet since you can easily access files and papers from other Google applications.

Whichever you choose, both are strong and dependable; the choice ultimately depends on the size of your business and how flexible you want your experience to be.

3. Skype


Without Skype, this compilation most likely wouldn’t be complete, right? Ask the 1.5 million users who are now registered; I’m not the only one who knows that Skype is well-known. It was among the earliest and most widely used video conferencing apps ever. Although it was initially introduced in 2003, video chat was not added until 2005. Microsoft later acquired it in 2011.

Because there isn’t much I can teach you that you don’t already know, I’m giving you a history lesson. Every platform you can imagine has Skype, even the Xbox One for some strange reason. People can use your email to invite you to join, and you can even use it straight in the web browser.

You have the options to even blur out the people you are not currently speaking to. It also features screen sharing and subtitles for conversations. There is a 50-person maximum, but you may upgrade to Skype for Business if more people want to join. Overall, Skype is the most dependable video conferencing app available and is proven and true.

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Cisco asserts that Webex, their video conferencing app, simply functions. This couldn’t be more accurate because the Webex app is easy, simple to use, and focused on getting the job done. In the IT and IT sector, a name like Cisco has a lot of weight, and most people would assume they are knowledgeable in their field, which is definitely the case with Webex.

One of the more potent video conferencing solutions available is this one. Without a shadow of a doubt, you can also tell that it is targeted towards enterprises and organisations. TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption, both implemented by Cisco’s renowned network specialists, support the security. This app was designed with pros in mind, which is clear from that amazing security step.

Cisco creates a unique URL for you to use wherever when you sign up. All of your meetings and video conferences will be held using this URL. You can access the desktop app, mobile apps, and website (which is the best experience). You can add up to 100 participants with no free option and receive 1GB of cloud storage.

5. Discord


The list would be endless if I limited this article to video conferencing apps for business purposes. So I thought adding Discord would be a great change of pace to shake things up a bit. I won’t go into great depth about Discord because everybody who plays online multiplayers games is already quite familiar with it.

The voice chat feature in many video games is frequently hit or miss. Either the quality is poor or the system is fundamentally flawed. Discord tries to address these problems it run’s in the background and enables smooth discussion with your friends. Even better, you may enable screen sharing so that your friends can observe the action.

Contrary to popular opinion, it also doesn’t consume a lot of resources (unless we considerd it starts automatically on startup). It is a constantly developing platform that has a large lot of communities centred on numerous games. It’s about connecting with people who have similar interests to you, not just voice chat. Discord is the undisputed voice chat and video conferencing application for gamers, with a lot of customization options.

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