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How Can I Get the New World of Voidbent Armor?

Voidbent Armor

In the New World, armors are crucial for both securing your life and enabling you to take on more powerful foes. Armors of all tiers, from common to rare, can be found in the game.

Many players aspire to acquire voidbent armour, which is one of the rare pieces. Various armors are available for purchase in-game, but you would probably have to craft the Voidbent armour yourself.

Depending on your choices, you can craft light, medium, or heavy Vodbent armour. Additionally, you must find the items needed to craft it. As we shall see, these items are not only difficult to acquire, but also highly expensive.

For crucial details on the Voidbent armour New World and how to make it, continue reading.

The Voidbent Armor is what?

One of the most powerful and rare to craft sets of armour you may find in the New World is the Voidbent armour. Although many players might mistakenly assume it to be the strongest armour, greater alternatives exist.

Nevertheless, it continues to be one of the game’s most sought-after armors. Additionally, players frequently use it to maximise their performance in PvE matches.

Voidbent armour falls into the same three categories as every other armour in the game: light, medium, and heavy. Depending on the category you select to craft, the five pieces of this armour set vary. The quantity of materials needed for the crafting and their requirements vary by category.

Crafting the Voidbent Armor with the Necessary Materials

We’ll learn that crafting the materials needed to find the Voidbent armour can be extremely challenging. But if you seek for them in the appropriate areas, you can make that process simpler.

The materials required for each category of the Voidbent Armor set are listed below:

Voidbent Light Armor

For the Voidbent Wraps, you will need 12 Phoenixweave, 4 Runic Leather, 1 Asmodium, 2 Runic Thread, 4 Scalecloth, 2 Blisterweave, and a Voidbent Ingot.

26 Phoenixweave, 8 Runic Leather, 1 Asmodeum, 4 Scalecloth, 2 Blisterweave, 2 Runic Thread, and a Voidbent Ingot are required to make the Voidbent Robes.

For crafting, you’ll need 6 Phoenixweave, 2 Blisterweave, 4 Scalecloth, 2 Runic Thread, 1 Asmodeum, 2 Runic Leather, and a Voidbent Ingot.

You need 12 Phoenixweave, 1 Asmodeum, 4 Runic Leather, 2 Runic Thread, 2 Blisterweave, 4 Scalecloth, and a Voidbent ingot to make the Voidbent Pants.

One Voidbent Ingot, two Runic Leather, six Phoenixweave, one Asmodeum, two Runic Thread, two blisterweave, and four scalecloth are the final materials needed for the Voidbent Shoes.

Armor Medium Voidbent

You’ll need 12 Runic Leather, 4 Phoenixweave, 2 Infused Claw, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Scarhide, 1 Asmodeum, and 1 Voidbent Ingot to make the Vidbent Hat.

26 Runic Leather, 8 Phoenixweave, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Infused Claw, 1 Voidbent Ingot, and 1 Asmodeum are needed to make the Voidbent Coat.

You’ll need 6 Runic Leather, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Infused Claw, 2 Phoenixweave, 2 Scarhide, 1 Asmodeum, and 1 Voidbent Ingot to craft Voidbent Grips.

You need 12 Runic Leather, 4 Infused Fang, 4 Phoenixweave, 2 Infused Claw, 2 Scarhide, 1 Violet Ingot, and 1 Asmodeum to make a pair of Voidbent Leggings.

It takes 6 Runic Leather, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Phoenixweave, 2 Scarhide, 2 Infused Claw, 1 Asmodeum, and 1 Voidbent Ingot to make a pair of Voidbent Boots.

Voidbent Heavy Armor

10 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 4 Phoenixweave, 4 Runic Leather, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Infused Fur, and 1 Voidbent Ingot are needed to make one Voidbent Helm.

You need 20 Asmodeum, 8 Runic Leather, 7 Phoenixweave, 4 Tolvium, 2 Infused Fur, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Voidbent Ingot to make the Voidbent Breastplate.

You need 6 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 2 Infused Fur, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Runic Leather, 1 Voidbent Ingot, and 1 Phoenix Weave to craft Voidbent Gauntlets.

12 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 4 Runic Leather, 2 Infused Fur, 2 Phoenixweave, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Voidbent Ingot are the materials needed to craft Voidbent Legguards.

You would require 6 Asmodeum, 4 Tovium, 2 Runic Leather, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Infused Fur, 1 Voidbent Ingot, and 1 Phoenixweave for Voidbent Sabatons.

How do I make a new world with Voidbent Armor?

You may already be aware thats you can only craft one piece of the Voidbent armour at a time. For this assignment, you must also find an Outfitting Station or Forge on the game map. After making sure you have the necessary materials, you must go there to complete the crafting.

When you get close to the Outfitting Station or Forge, press E to begin the crafting process. The next step is to choose an armour piece recipe from the drop-down menu on the left. To start crafting, select craft in the lower right corner of the screen.

Once the armour piece has been made, equip it to your character. If you do not currently have the necessary materials, you can return at any moment to forge another piece of armour.

What if you are unable to craft the armour?

If you are unable to create an armour, it just indicates that one or more of the necessary materials are absent. So, before starting the crafting, you must check which materials you need to find. Then, gather the components and return to the Forge anytime you’re prepared to create a piece of Voidbent Armor.

How is a Voidbent Ingot Made?

As we have seen, Voidbent Ingot is a critical component needed for crafting Voidbent Armor New World. Additionally, in contrast to many other necessary materials that may be found around the area, you must craft it.

To do it, you must first mine some Voidbent Ore from the Shattered Mountain’s Orichalcum Veins deposits. You can also visit the orichalcum Veins deposits in the Great Cleave area as an alternative.

If you want a better chance of obtaining the rare Voidbent Ore, you might need to employ a Miner’s Charm. Additionally, make sure you have the 175 mining skill level necessary to mine orichalcum veins.

You must proceed to a Tier-3 Smelter on the game world once you have located the necessary ore. Then, press E to create a Voidbent Ingot using 10 Energy Core, 1 Void Essence, and 1 Void Ore. You should be aware that you can only craft sets of Voidbent Armor using this metal.

Check Other Sets of Armor in the New World

Voidbent Armor is not the strongest armour in the game, as was already mentioned. As a result, you should also aim to acquire stronger armour. The same process as mentioned below is used while crafting them.

All you have to do is gather the materials needed to make the other armour you desire. Then, you can craft it using the same procedures as described earlier.

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