How to Easily Watch Movies Online With Friends for Free

Watch Movies Online

This post will explain Watch Movies Online. It’s difficult to have fun with pals these days when you’re separated from them. That isn’t to say it can’t be done. There are various methods to spend time with pals even while you’re separated, thanks to today’s technology. The list goes on and on, from watching movies to playing video games. We’ll show you how to watch movies online with pals for free, so you’ll never miss another movie night.

How to Easily Watch Movies Online With Friends for Free

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Metastream is a fantastic tool for watching movies with friends over the internet. You can install a desktop app on your computer. However, if you want, you can use the browser version instead. Metastream’s user interface is fantastic. Metastream is designed to allow you to smoothly switch between viewing movies with friends and doing other work. The screen shrinks to a small size, so you may play a game or cram for a test at the same time.

While watching a video, Metastream allows you to interact with friends on the side. Several other videos can be queued for seamless streaming by the host. On the app, you may watch any video from a variety of streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Crunchyroll, and YouTube are currently supported by Metastream. The Metastream plugin is also available for Google Chrome and Firefox.


Watch2Gether is a Chrome plugin that allows you to watch any movie online with your friends. All you’ll need is a link or a file to get started, and you’ll be all set. It’s a straightforward, user-friendly plugin with no frills. It’s the finest method to watch movies online with your pals. You won’t need to make a new account; all you’ll need is a temporary pseudonym. Any user can join if the host makes the room public. When you set the room to private, you can also control who has access to it from there.

Your movie will be displayed on a small screen on the left of Watch2Gether. A chatbox is located to the right, allowing you to easily communicate with other members of the room. You can watch almost anything as long as no one uses ad-blocking software. There are a few glitches here and there, but it’s a nice site to use generally.


If you’re suffering from cabin fever, NetflixParty is here to help. With this Google Chrome plugin, you and your friends may watch any Netflix TV or movie together. Unfortunately, it will only function if everyone involved has a Netflix account. If they don’t already have a Netflix account, they can sign up for a 30-day free trial that they can all cancel at any time. You can also lend your account if you’re feeling generous. That is, as long as you stay within the screen boundaries of your membership.

The app is simple to operate. All you have to do is choose a movie to watch. The extension icon (NP) should then turn red. When you click it, you’ll be able to press “Start the party” to begin streaming. Simply copy and email the URL to others to watch the stream. You can see who walks into the room and who stands around watching. This allows you to watch with friends and family, making you feel less alone during these difficult times.


Scener is a fantastic tool for watching movies with friends over the internet. Scener now only broadcasts Netflix movies and series. However, we are hopeful that more streaming providers will be added in the near future. It’s as simple as installing a Chrome extension, running the app, and creating an account. Anyone who wants to watch it with you must also install it. You can then share the link or code with your friends.

You can concurrently access video chat with pals while watching with up to 20 people. That way, you can witness everyone’s reactions to the movie in real-time. Scener even comes with remote control for controlling playback choices. You can pause, play, and rewind at any moment if you’re the host. You can also pass the remote to other people in the room.


TwoSeven allows you to simultaneously watch, communicate, and see your buddies. TwoSeven includes a video and text chat feature in the same window, with a stylish and useful UI. The program, like Metastream, supports a variety of streaming services that can be linked to it. You may also watch videos from Vimeo, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime Video, in addition to Netflix and YouTube.

You can add people as friends in TwoSeven so that you can watch with them again in the future. The app is free to use, but you can upgrade to a subscription tier to gain access to additional features. You may also watch movies from Hulu or Disney+ for $5-$20 per month. Right now, TwoSeven is providing a subscription for as little as $3. All you have to do is go to their Patreon page and subscribe there.


For long-distance couples or pals, Gaze is the ideal date night option. The main drawback is that Gaze only allows two people to use the space at once. It’s not possible to watch with a group of friends, but it’s ideal for couples who are separated. In fact, the site’s creators created it with intimacy in mind. It attempts to give long-distance couples a space to ease into natural communication using the “Rope of Intimacy” paradigm.

You can watch any YouTube videos that are available on the site. It even allows you to play media files that are stored locally. However, you must ensure that both parties have access to the file. Its attractive UI contributes to the romantic atmosphere of a date night. Gaze has received a lot of praise, and it’s simple to see why. You don’t want to miss out on this streaming service.


You may virtually hang out with pals in any way you choose with Plug.DJ. The software was created with the intention of allowing you to share and mix music with your friends, as its name suggests. However, with its most recent additions, you may now view movies there as well. The site offers a pleasant interface that will make you feel like you’re at a virtual get-together with your friends. In the beginning, there may be a little learning curve. However, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to watch with pals online without difficulty.

The app includes a queue feature that allows you to search for and construct a list of things to watch. To rearrange the videos and music, simply drag and drop them into place. Plug.DJ also allows you to import and create YouTube playlists. These playlists can then be used for future streams.


Many online communities use Discord, a popular messaging tool. It contains a number of features that might assist you in connecting with friends or individuals who share your interests. It’s worth checking out because it has excellent screen-sharing capabilities. You can establish a group DM for any of your friends and then screen-share with them. Otherwise, you can do it by using media channels on existing servers. With screen sharing, all that is required is for one person to host and everyone to enjoy.

Simply show the movie or show it on the screen to the host. You can view a movie from any site or app because you’re screen sharing. This should be simple if you’re the only one in your group who has a Netflix subscription. If not, there are always free Putlocker alternatives where you can view whatever you want.


Zoom is a popular video conferencing program for distant teams and enterprises. But did you know, you can also use it to watch movies with your friends? The app has a large room capacity because it is extensively used by large corporations. A Zoom meeting may accommodate up to 1,000 people. While it can only show 49 screens at once, you only need one if you’re watching a movie. As a result, you can invite friends of friends to your movie night and have a virtual party!

The app is accessible on most platforms for free. If you’re concerned about recent privacy issues on Zoom, don’t be. There are still several Zoom alternatives that may be suitable for your needs.


Kast (previously Rabbit) is a streaming software that allows you to construct virtual rooms. You can make your own rooms with flags and descriptions to let people know what they’re about. You can also join other users’ and friends’ existing parties. Kast’s unique screen-sharing features allow you to select which screen you want to share. Everything is allowed, including applications, browser windows, and your webcam. You can even control what other users hear by customizing your audio settings.

Kast can accommodate up to 120 people in a single room. You can invite folks who are already your in-app friends or send links to a party. The program also allows you to display numerous screens at once. If you want to stream gameplay with your buddies, this is the way to go.


SyncPlay is a free program that allows you to sync your media players with others. There are reduced risks of lag on your stream with SyncPlay. Although you must load the media files one at a time, playing controls are available to everybody. SyncPlay can also be linked to your MyAnimeList account. To connect you with your friends, the program uses a server-based approach. As you set up the private room, there will be a minor learning curve. However, after you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to watch anything with your pals on the internet with ease.

SyncPlay is compatible with PCs running Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can play any file that the greatest media players can play. VLC, MPV, and other media players are among them.


Look no further if you want a straightforward and easy way to watch movies with friends online. TogetherTube includes all of the tools you’ll need. TogetherTube has a lot more to offer than just ordinary chatting and watching functions. Room voting is one of its more important features. To create a cohesive atmosphere, anybody in the room can vote for the next movie to watch. For even more fantastic features, the app just joined with Watch2Gether.

TogetherTube is fantastic for virtual hangouts as well as watching movies together. It’s a fantastic method to stay in touch with your friends throughout this time. You can watch anything together, from movies to vlogs to Let’s Plays.


In this list, MyCircleTV stands out due to its VoIP integration. You may talk on the phone with your buddies while watching whatever you choose. Even without registering, the app is free to use. However, creating an account will provide you with significant advantages. Up to 5 GB of media storage is available, as well as a profile that saves all of your previous streams. MyCircleTV also lets you record and share any prior streams with your friends.

With built-in integration to social media sites, you can effortlessly send invitation links. YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo videos are also supported by MyCircleTV.


For your next movie night, SyncVideo is an easy-to-use and accessible platform. It’s the finest method to watch movies with friends from any device because it’s so accessible. However, in order to enjoy its services, you must first create an account. However, once you’ve settled in, you can make rooms for your pals to view from. You may even join public rooms created by other users using SyncVideo.

It’s a wonderful alternative for hassle-free streaming, thanks to the app’s simple layout. To gets started, all you need is a YouTube or Vimeo link. You can also watch locally stored media files in MP4, OGV, FLV, and WEBM formats.


This is for you if you actually miss the feeling of physically hanging out with friends. PlexVR, as the name implies, uses virtual reality to allow you to watch movies online with your friends. You may make personalized avatars for yourself or your pals. PlexVR also includes a variety of locations in which you may watch movies. You can change the settings to make it appear as if you’re watching a movie on your friend’s couch. It even has a drive-in movie setup and a strange yet entertaining room design.

Other excellent interactive aspects are included in the app, depending on the setting. You can both hurl popcorn and honk your automobile horn at the screen. There are a tonne of movies and shows to choose from, thanks to the Plex media library integration. The app is compatible with Google Daydream, Oculus Gear, and Oculus Go.

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