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How to WatchCartoonOnline in 2021: Alternatives to Watching Free Cartoons Online


Is WatchCartoonOnline no longer functional for you? You need not be concerned; you have arrived at the correct website.

We will discuss the well-known functioning WatchCartoonOnline alternatives in this article.

Watching Cartoons Online is perhaps the best way to manage one’s youth. They are entertaining to watch and teach us valuable life lessons in ways that no one else can.

Regardless of age, cartoons indeed add a sense of fun to everyone’s life—toddlers and grownups alike like watching cartoons and animes online. However, there are numerous gold cartoons with beautiful lessons that are no longer being broadcast on television.

Selecting the best online cartoon streaming service can assist you in this case. If you’re on vacation and want to pass the time watching cartoons or animes, Watchcartoononline is the ideal answer.

Watchcartoononline allows you to watch an unlimited number of cartoons and animes for free. You may look up your favorite childhood cartoons and relive your youth.

Numerous websites make it possible to watch cartoons online, but not all adhere to industry standards.

In this article, we will give a summary of the WatchCartoonOnline website, where you may watch cartoons without interruptions or problems. It has been a well-maintained cartoon streaming channel for years, providing access to practically all online comics.

Additionally, we will highlight some additional legitimate alternatives to watch cartoons online that can help make your holidays more enjoyable.

Some of WatchCartoonOnline’s Active Links


watchcartoononline bz




What is the purpose of WatchCartoonOnline?

Watchcartoononline is a well-known service that allows users to see and download all cartoons (new and old).

It’s a massive database containing thousands of animes and all-time favorite cartoons from around the world. It gives you high-quality movies and images, enhancing your cartoon viewing experience.

If you’re an anime fan, you’ve come to the right place. You may easily access the high-quality content on your home computer or mobile device.

Watchcartoononline is a cartoon dedicated to streaming cartoons and anime. Thus, you may watch cartoons and animes in both English and Hindi dubbing.

Additionally, you can download the watchcartoononline app to your mobile device to access a library of animes. Watchcartoononline’s mobile application is incredibly user-friendly and provides quick access to selected cartoons with a single search.

One of the primary reasons for its appeal is its diverse selection of anime and cartoons. It is the most popular online platform for watching anime in high definition.

The second feature that distinguishes it is the user-friendly interface it provides. Millions of users have simple access to the watchcartoononline app, contributing to the service’s growth in popularity.

You do not need to register on the official Watchcartoononline website to watch cartoons and anime online. You can simply type in the name of the cartoon or anime and enjoy the entertainment at your leisure.

It is, nevertheless, advised that you register on the website. The reason for this is that it enables you to save your favorite cartoons and animes and create a list of similar categories to share with your friends and family.

Additionally, when you register on the watchcartoononline website, you gain access to several advanced services. For instance, you can provide reviews and comments on various films.

Additionally, you may access the genres section or continue browsing the internet to find your favorite animes and cartoons.


Some of the WatchCartoonOnline Alternative URLs may not open/work in your region because they require a VPN/VPS.

The Top WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

Watchcartoononline is one of the most popular websites, with millions of users and high-quality material.

However, users are looking for the best alternatives due to some challenges with watchcartoononline’s server-side infrastructure.

Our Favorite CouchTuner Alternatives


Numerous Cartoons


Individualized Streaming


Provides High-Speed Streaming


Free Cartoons to Stream


The Most Excellent User Interface

We will examine a few top alternative websites for cartoons and animes in this article, which can be used in place of watchcartoononline.

Several of the most pleasing possibilities are mentioned briefly below.

1. KissAnime


KissAnime is a well-liked substitute for watchcartoononline. Additionally, it is a massive database that covers both older and newer collections of anime worldwide.

This online portal features a diverse range of genres.

Additionally, new modifications have been made to ensure that KissAnime provides a fantastic experience on smartphones.

2. 9Anime


9Anime is another website that streams anime. On this web platform, you may find popular and recent animes.

If the anime you’re looking for isn’t accessible on the official 9Anime website, you may watch a request for it, and it will be posted as soon as possible.

Most importantly, the website lacks a user-friendly interface, contributing to its lack of popularity among the general public.

3. CartoonCrazy


Cartooncrazy is one of the most popular websites for children. It has a significant library of cartoons, anime, feature films, and television shows. Additionally, the website is straightforward and quick to navigate, with a customizable user interface design.

Additionally, the official website’s contents are well-organized, which simplifies searching for cartoons and animes.

Once you’ve located the cartoon or anime you’d want to watch, you can either stream it online or download it for later viewing. In a nutshell, cartoon crazy is the ideal substitute for watching cartoons online for children.

4. Vudu


Vudu is a similar website to watchcartoononline, although it operates in a somewhat different manner.

Vudu allows users to purchase, rent, and watch movies and television shows. Users are not required to register to watch cartoons and television programs.

They can immediately begin watching without having to pay a subscription cost. Additionally, the Vudu website features a Vudu app that enables customers to view all cartoons, TV episodes and movies via their cellphones.

5. OtakuStream


If you enjoy viewing anime, television shows, and films, OtaukuStrem is another fantastic free alternative to watchcartoononline.

The user interface and UX of this website are thoughtfully intended to facilitate accessing, navigating, and finding cartoon material.

Additionally, similar to watchcartoononline, OtakuStream features collections of many genres. The following are some popular genre collections.

  • Comedy
  • Drama, horror
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Journey

6. YouTube


YouTube is one of the world’s oldest and largest video-sharing sites. Fortunately, it is also a good destination for cartoon fans, as it contains several full-length cartoons.

The significant part is that it is entirely free. All you need to do is join up using your Gmail account. Additionally, it has kid-friendly selections.

Additionally, instructive movies, poems, and informational animations are available. It’s ideal for allowing your children to explore the platform alone.

7. KimCartoon



KimCartoon is another free streaming portal for all-time favorite cartoons and animated films. You’ll discover a sizable assortment to peruse if you haven’t yet decided what to watch.

The Simpsons, Pick and Morty, Steven Universe, and Sponge Bob are just a few popular websites. It is a secure website for your children to browse, even for children, and contains numerous animated collections geared for children.

There are categories to help you quickly locate your favorite cartoons. In general, it’s one of the most convenient and hassle-free ways to watch cartoons online.

8. Crunchyroll


If you’re searching for a website with a clean, uncomplicated, and simple-to-use interface, CrunchyRoll is the way to go. It provides a comprehensive and well-organized catalog of cartoons, among other things.

For anime and Naruto enthusiasts, you may find a library of your favorite Japanese anime and manga. It is a free website that is rather popular in the United States of America.

This website is among the finest entertainment websites of all time due to its seamless streaming and lightning-fast speed. It features direct access and a library of high-quality, high-definition cartoons that you can quickly screen.

9. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is an anime city dedicated to anime enthusiasts and lovers. There is a sizable library of various popular anime series accessible to stream in high definition. The website is constantly updated with new collections and episodes.

It’s the ideal website if you’re a series fan who enjoys the latest animation season.

If you want to avoid pop-up ads and lengthy loading times, GogoAnime is the place to go. Do not be concerned! It is a cartoon lover’s paradise, not only for anime.

Gogoanime has it all: vintage collections, animated films and shows, and a kid’s pool.

10. Toon Jet

Toon Jet

You open the website intended for streaming cartoons, and it directs you to the download page?

That is not the case with Toon Jet. Toon Jet is a quick and secure online streaming platform that does not clog up your PC with useless files and keeps everything online.

Toon Jet offers high-quality streaming and the most recent selection. There are no advertisements, and the video does not abruptly cease playing. Among its distinguishing characteristics are the following:

  • Rating and feedback loop activation
  • There is no registration or payment required.
  • Free
  • Rapid streaming and playback

11. MyCartoon

Whether it’s classic anime series/movies or an old-school anime library, MyCartoon is a diversified place brimming with variety.

If you want your children to relive their childhood through the beautiful selection of vintage cartoons, MyCartoon is the game for them.

MyCartoon has a plethora of binge-worthy programs and seasons. Not only do they have the most recent cartoons, but they also have the most recent anime.

Regular uploads and updates will ensure that you never fall behind on your viewing spree. Among the masterpieces on MyCartoon are the following:

  • Sword Art Online
  • Psychoelectric girl
  • Ground Control

12. Hulu

Hulu is another online streaming service that has a lot in common with Netflix online and Amazon Prime.

It is not an exclusive and HQ cartoon platform, but it does include a sizable collection of them. It requires a paid monthly subscription.

You can test it for free for the first month to determine whether it is right for you. Additionally, Hulu is known for producing some of the finest shows of the twentieth century available on the platform.

You can also choose Hulu for kids to browse the kid-friendly collection safely. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic venue for all forms of entertainment.

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13. Supercartoons

If you want to have a trip down memory lane, Supercartoons should be your go-to platform.

Super cartoons, with its cartoon library of Cartoon Network classics and Pogo series, is guaranteed to take you on a super nostalgic voyage.

Looney tunes, Tom and Jerry, and all of Donald Duck’s episodes are all available on supercartoons.

Take a vacation back to your youth while allowing your children to watch all the wonderful stuff. It’s simple and secure to access, and your children may easily browse the library on their own.

In a nutshell, Mycartoons is the go-to destination for family entertainment.

14. Disney Now

Disney Now is the ideal project by the Disney channel that focuses on children’s entertainment.

You can change the settings to make the suggestions and algorithm more child-friendly and geared toward children. There are numerous ongoing and concluded narratives. You can watch a huge amount of content for free.

To have access to certain instances and catalogues, you will need a competent subscription. The resulting advantage is that it is a more comprehensive entertainment station, which means it has a range of games and other amusing content.

15. AnimePahe

If you are a passionate anime fan, this website is a haven for you. Animepahe offers subbed and dubbed versions of thousands of anime.

The homepage is ad-free and features the most recent and popular anime. Designed specifically for anime enthusiasts, the website’s UI is straightforward, attractive, and simple to explore. This website, which has over 2.5 million visitors worldwide, features all of the popular anime cartoons.

16. Crackle

This information is about alternatives related to watchcartoononline. If you’re going for a nice mix of classic cartoons and new releases, crackle is the place to go. It has a database of thousands of cartoons, all of which are available for viewing online.

The connection is fast, efficient and reliable, and the streaming quality is excellent. There are no advertisements or pop-ups to distract you while watching the movie. It is completely free to use and does not require a subscription.

The variety enables you to explore your alternatives and browse the library until you discover the cartoon that appeals to you the most. In the end, it is one of the best sites for watching cartoons.

17. CartoonsOn

Cartoons are a diverse kind of media that appeals to both children and adults.

CartoonsOn’s platform features a diverse selection of cartoons.

The website features both popular and obscure titles.

Additionally, the cartoons are classified and ranked according to user ratings. A straightforward design makes it simple to go to your selected episode, and new episodes are published on a regular basis.

18. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is a children’s cartoon website headquartered in the United Kingdom that features titles that have been particularly handpicked for children. The website includes a good selection of basic and enjoyable games for children’s entertainment.

Cartoonito streams your favorite fan shows directly from the television to your computer via several cartoon broadcasting networks!

There are various entertaining videos to watch that assist children in learning and developing as individuals. The website even has a download option for when you’re on the road and can’t watch online!

WatchCartoonOnline offers a variety of categories.

WatchCartoonOnline is a massive portal with an extensive selection of animes, videos, and cartoons suitable for viewers of all ages. These cartoons and animes are divided into five broad categories. The following are the divisions.

1) Movies

2) Dubbed Anime

3) Subbed Animes

4) Cartoons

5) Ova Series

The categories are intended to assist users in efficiently navigating the website. In some places, WatchCartoonOnline is prohibited. Using a VPN, on the other side, is one way to gain access to your favourite animes.

Classes Currently Available on WatchCartoonOnline

The WatchCartoonOnline streaming software now offers a variety of various classes. These classes assist the user in navigating the desired class and selecting the one that most appeals to them.

Additionally, if you select a specific class, the screen will offer related animes and cartoons from that category.

They assist in gaining an understanding of the cartoons and animes in the same genre that you may be missing and are the most popular with others. The following is a list of classes.

1. Journey

This category contains cartoons and animes categorized as voyage.

Cartoons and anime in this category include The Deer King and Bigfoot. Individuals who enjoy journey animes can really benefit from this program.

2. Motion

Motion cartoons and animes comprise a sizable category. Numerous internationally popular cartoons and animes fit under this category.

On watchcartoononline, you may simply access cartoons like as Metropolis Wars, Star Blazers, and many more.

3. Animation

Half of the population enjoys animated movies and cartoons. This category includes all animated cartoons and anime, from Barbie to looney tones.

Additionally, classic cartoons such as Popeye the Sailor Man and Scooby-Doo fit within these categories. The class will be most enjoyable for those who enjoy animation.

4. Comedy

Adults and children who enjoy comedy movies, cartoons, and animes can find a variety of films in this category that will make them laugh and share smiles.

5. Youngsters

If you’re seeking cartoons and animes suitable for children aged 3 to 7, the youngsters’ class can assist you.

This category includes cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, power puff girls, and Ben 10.

These cartoons provide a complete entertainment bundle that can help toddlers remember their youth.

6. Horror

Many people around the world enjoy horror cartoons and animes. If you enjoy terrifying entertainment, this is the genre for you. In this session, you can watch cartoons and animes such as Ayakashi and Gregory Horror Show.

Apart from these, numerous other genres of movies, cartoons, and animes may appeal to your tastes, including science-fiction, crime, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and action.

All of these subgenres result in a massive collection of cartoons that you do not want to miss.

The WatchCartoonOnline Website’s Features

WatchCartoonOnline offers a variety of unique features to ensure that its users have an enjoyable experience.

These elements captivate viewers in such a way that they return to the online portal for additional cartoons and animes.

The following are some of the most notable features that offers.

1. High Quality

If you’re seeking for high-resolution and high-quality cartoons, look no further than watchcartoononline.

Without these two elements, watching cartoons and animes is considerably less enjoyable and engaging. Without these two features and characteristics, cartoons can be dull, and you may lose interest after a while.

Watchcartoononline strives to maintain a high standard of image, video, and audio quality so that you can enjoy watching your favourite content.

There are numerous video qualities to pick from. For instance, you can watch videos in 480p, 720p, 1080p, or HD High-quality, depending on your requirements.

However, visual qualities also adjust to the speed of the internet connection.

2. There is no subscription fee.

The fact that watchcartoononline is completely free is one of its best advantages.

You dont have to pay a subscription fee or any additional costs in order to watch your favourite cartoons or animes online.

The unique feature makes it the most recognised anime streaming service on the web, as other websites charge monthly or yearly subscription fees.

You can watch all the interesting cartoons online for free on a single platform.

3. Rapid Downloading

Watching anything online is enjoyable only if the video streams without a lot of buffering; otherwise, the mood and interest in the video can be ruined.

Watchcartoononline boasts incredible connectivity, with lightning-fast streaming and online speeds.

The web streaming portal utilises a large number of servers that collect information about our website and contribute to the reduction of buffering during online streaming and downloading.

The website’s rapid loading speed keeps the user’s interest in the material, and the user likes to visit the same page repeatedly.

4. Streaming of Cartoons and Animes indefinitely

WatchCartoonOnline is a unique platform that allows users to stream cartoons and animes indefinitely.

Unlike other web portals like as Netflix, which restrict users after a specific amount of time has passed, watchcartoononline does not.

You can watch as many cartoons, anime, films, and videos as you like. Additionally, the platform is user-friendly, which enables effective interaction between users.

5. Option for Feedback

Watchcartoononline values its users’ input. Users can report faults and flaws with the website’s operation, and watchcartoononline will do its best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Additionally, users can submit requests for movies, cartoons, and animes, and watchcartoononline will add the requested content to their official website and notify viewers.

This manner, you can access cartoons and anime that are not already available on the portal.

All of these features and characteristics, and many more, help to distinguish watchcartoononline as a distinctive and well-loved website throughout the world.

WatchCartoonsOnline Frequently Asked Questions

Is WatchCartoonOnline available as a mobile application?

Watchcartoononline is a popular and widely used anime and cartoon streaming website that allows you to quickly watch or download entertainment stuff online.

Watchcartoononline provides a simple-to-use mobile application that people choose to use on a daily basis.

How can I use the WatchCartoonOnline website to stream cartoons?

If you wish to stream cartoons or animes on the WatchCartoonOnline website, there are three simple actions to do. These are the steps.

Step 1: To begin, enter the name of the cartoon or anime in the search bar. Copy or cut the link to the anime you’re looking for. The link will be marked in yellow.

Step 2: Next, conduct an online search for video sniffer tools. You can accomplish this by visiting

Copy or cut the link from step 1 and paste it into the rectangular box labelled “Enter the web URL of the video you wish to be downloaded.”

Step 3: Click the Enter key. Automatically, the video will begin downloading. You must wait for the download to finish.

The duration of the download is determined by the speed of the internet connection you are using. After the completion of download, you can open the media files and relax.

Is WatchCartoonOnline a safe website to visit?

Watchcartoononline engages in global video piracy, which is prohibited.

As a result, watchcartoononline is also a prohibited website. It is a massive collection of cartoons, anime, and feature films, yet all of them suffer from piracy.

This is why watchcartoononline is illegal in a large number of nations worldwide.

Is it feasible to watch and stream videos on WatchCartoonOnline for free?

Watchcartoononline is a free web platform that allows you to watch a variety of free cartoons, animes, and films.

You dont have to pay any monthly or yearly subscription fees, as is the case with other websites. Simply search for the content and immediately begin viewing or downloading it online.

Are there any WatchCartoonOnline mirror sites available?

As is the example with most other websites on the internet, watchcartoononline also includes proxy and mirror links that enable users to access the original content via a different domain name.

Is a VPN required to access the website?

Certain nations have prohibited access to the website due to concerns about piracy and copyright violations.

Therefore, if you wish to access the website from such locations, you will require a robust VPN.

Is it possible for a user to request an anime or cartoon using the website?

Watchcartoononline values user comments.

It offers incredible features, like the ability for users to request cartoons or amines that are not previously published on the official website.

Which websites are the finest legal and illicit alternatives to watchcartoononline?

The following are some of the greatest legal substitutes for watchcartoononline.

  1. Youtube
  2. Disney Now
  3. Cartoon Community
  4. Crackle

The following are the greatest alternative websites to watchcartoononline.

  1. KissAnime
  2. Cucirca
  3. 9Anime
  4. Cartooncrazy
  5. Vudu
  6. OtakuStream
  7. KissCartoon
  8. GoGoAnime

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