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Beat 5 Web Scraping Tools for Online Data Extraction

Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping tools are designed specifically to extract data from websites. They are sometimes referred to as web data extraction tools or web harvesting tools. Anyone attempting to gather data of any kind from the Internet can benefit from using these tools. The new data entry method that eliminates tedious typing and copy-pasting is called web scraping.

The fresh or updated data are fetched by these data, either manually or automatically, and they are then stored for simple access. For instance, a scraping tool can be used to get data from Amazon about the products and their prices.

We list the top best 5 web scraping tools in this post along with use cases for information collection without coding.

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Useful times for web scraping tools

Although there are countless instances in which web scraping tools might be utilised, we’ll focus on a few typical use cases that apply to most users.

1. To gather information for market analysis

Web scraping tools are an effective tool for market research and can help you stay up to date on where your company or sector is headed in the upcoming six months.

The tools can gather data from several market research companies and data analytics suppliers and aggregate it in one locations for easy access and analysis.

2. To obtain contact details

A list of suppliers, manufacturers, and other people who might be of interest to your business or company, together with their specific contact information, can be created using these tools, which can also be used to extract data from other websites, such as emails and phone numbers.

3. Download solutions from StackOverflow.

By gathering information from numerous websites, one can also download data for offline reading or storage by using a web scraping tool (including StackOverflow and more Q&A websites).

Because the resources are easily accessible notwithstanding the availability of Internet access, there is less dependence on active Internet connections.

4. To look for positions or candidates

For staff candidates who are actively seeking new members for their team or for job seekers looking for a specific post or opening.

These tools also function admirably to quickly obtain data based on various applicable criteria and to successfully extract data without human searches.

5. To monitor prices across several markets

You need a web scraping tool if you enjoy online shopping and actively monitor the prices of the products you are interested in across numerous markets and online retailers.

Some excellent web scraping tools

Let’s examine some of the top web scraping tools now on the market. Some of them have trials periods and premium subscriptions, while others are completely free. Do your research before signing-up with anyone for your needs.

1. The SERP scraping API for Smartproxy

Web Scraping Tools

Without the right setup, web scraping Google search results pages may be a real hassle. The SERP scraping API from Smartproxy is a fantastic remedy for that. A sizable proxy network, a web scraper, and a data parser are all combined in one SERP API.

By sending a single, completely successful API call, it is a full-stack solution that enables you to obtain structured data from the largest search engines.

You can choose to receive parsed JSON results or raw HTML results when you target any nation, state, or city. The search engine proxies from Smartproxy may be used for everything from monitoring prices to retrieving paid and organic data to examining keyword ranks and other SEO metrics in real-time.

They cost $100 per month including VAT.

2. SiteChecker

Web Scraping Tools

A real-time web scraping tools crawler that offers a technical SEO analysis is provided by Sitechcker, a cloud-based site. The tool typically scans all internal and external links on up to 300 pages in 2 minutes and provides you with a thorough report directly on your dashboard.

You can adjust the crawler rules and filters in accordance with your requirements and obtain a trustworthy website score that informs you of the condition of your site.

It will also provide you a list of all the problems on your site, and you may work with your team members and contractors by sending them a link that can be shared.

3. Scraper API

Web Scraping Tools

Scraper API is made to make web scraping easier. This proxy API tool has the ability to manage CAPTCHAs, web browsers, and proxies.

Popular programming languages including Bash, Node, Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP are supported. The primary features of the Scraper API, among many more, include:

It can be entirely customised (request type, request headers, headless browser, IP geolocation).

  • Rotation of IP.
  • 40 million or more IPs.
  • Capable of rendering JavaScript.
  • Uncapped 100Mb/s download and upload speeds.
  • There are more than 12 geolocations;
  • Simple integration.

The 4 plans offered by Scraper API are Hobby ($29/month), Startup ($99/month), Business ($249/month), and Enterprise ($249/month).

4. Import.io

Web Scraping Tools

By simply importing the data from a certain web page and exporting the data to CSV, Import.io’s builder offers you to form your own datasets. Without writing an single line of code, you can quickly scrape thousands of web pages and create over a thousand APIs based on your requirements.

Modern technology is used by Import.io to collect millions of pieces of data every day, which companies can access for a modest cost. It also offers free programmes for Windows, macOS, and Linux that may be used to create data extractors and crawlers, downloads data, and sync with an online account, in addition to the web tool.

5. Dexi.io, (formerly known as CloudScrape)

Web Scraping Tools

Similar to Webhose, CloudScrape offers data collecting from any website and requires no download. In order to set up crawlers and extract data in real time, it offers a browser-based editor. The gather data can be exported as CSV or JSON or saved on cloud services like Google Drive and Box.net.

By providing a set of proxy servers that can mask your identity, CloudScrape also offers anonymous data access. Before archiving it, CloudScrape keeps your data on its servers for two weeks. The web scraper costs $29 per month and offers 20 hours of free scraping.

6. Zyte

Web Scraping Tools

A cloud-based data extraction tool called Zyte (formerly known as Scrapinghub) aids thousands of developers in obtaining useful data. Zyte makes use of Crawlera, a clever proxy rotator that helps getting through bot defences so that it can quickly crawl large or bot-protected sites.

Zyte organises the content of the entire web page. If our crawl builder is unable to meet your requirements, its team of experts is on hand to provide assistance. You can access one concurrent crawl with its free basic plan, and you can access up to four concurrent crawls with its premium plan, which costs $25 per month.


Web Scraping Tools

With support for JavaScript and AJAX, sessions, cookies, and redirects, ParseHub is designed to crawl both single- and multi-website websites. The application recognises the trickiest web documents using machine learning technology and creates the output web scraping tools file based on the desired data format.

In addition to its web version, ParseHub is also accessible as a free desktop application for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Its basic free subscription offers five crawl projects. With support for 20 projects & 10,000 web pages every crawl, this service offers a premium subscription for $89 per month.



Web developers who needs to scrape data from a URL should use ScrapingBot, a powerful web scraping API. On product pages, where it gathers all the information you need, it works very effectively (image, product title, product price, product description, stocks, delivery costs, etc..). It is an excellent tool for individuals who need to gather precise commerce data or just aggregate product data.

Additionally, ScrapingBot offers a variety of specialised APIs, including those for real estate, Google search results, and social network data harvesting (LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).


  • Chrome with no head
  • Reaction time
  • Parallel requests
  • Enables the requirement for heavy-duty bulk scraping.


  • 100 credits every month, free to use. The initial plan costs €39, €99, €299, and finally €699 each month.


Web Scraping Tools

A powerful yet adaptable web crawling tool that can be customised to meet your needs is 80legs. It allows for the instantaneous download of the data that has been extracted and permits obtaining enormous amounts of data. The web scraper is employed by major organisations like MailChimp and PayPal, and it claims to crawl more than 600,000 URLs.

With its “Datafiniti,” you may rapidly search all of the data. High-performance web crawling is offered by 80legs, which works quickly and retrieves needed data in a matter of seconds. It offers an free plan for 10K URLs every crawl and an entry plan for 100K URLs per crawl for $29 per month.


Web Scraping Tools

Although it only has a few data extraction features, the Chrome extension Scraper is useful for conducting web research and exporting data to Google Spreadsheets and web scraping tools. Both novices and experts can use this tool to quickly copy data to the clipboard or store it in spreadsheets by utilising OAuth.

Free tool called Scraper automatically creates shorter XPaths to specify which URLs to crawl and works right in your browser. Although it lacks the simplicity of automatic or bot crawling like Import, Webhose, and others, it still has advantages for beginners because you don’t have to deal with complicated configuration.

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