What are the 3+ Best Tools for Comprehensive Writing?

Effective writing can help make anyone more successful in life, from students looking for good grades to Executives that are trying to promote their products. But the current internet generation faces multiple issues and challenges related to the rapidly increasing social media activities, content marketing and other aspects of the web. Therefore, this article contains a compilation of the 3+ best tools for comprehensive writing that make sure you write quality writing pieces. Comprehensive Writing Tools save your time, money and effort. Thus, without any further ado, let’s Jump right into it.

List of the 3+ Best Tools for Comprehensive Writing:

These are dedicated writing platforms and hence, you can consider them complete writing tools. Each tool is not only a comprehensive writing utility but also contains valuable features or even some tips or tricks that facilitate online workers to get their work done with ease. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to the list.

1.     Google Docs:

The first comprehensive writing tool on this best free tools for content writing list is an alternative to one of the most popular word processors. Its name is Google Docs.

As the name depicts, Google Docs is the word processor from Google. It is one of the most effective writing tools because macOS, Windows, Android and iOS users use it. This word processor has got all the necessary features. Some highlights of the basic word processing features of Google Docs are:

  • Adding bullet points and numbered lists.
  • Aligning the text to the right, left and center of the page.
  • Bolding, italicizing and underlining the text.
  • Inserting images, hyperlinks, charts and other drawing-related elements.
  • Correcting the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors of text.
  • Checking the word count of the typed text.
  • Inserting headers and footers.
  • Changing page orientation.
  • Modifying the font style and size.
  • Adding citations.
  • Undoing and redoing the changes.

But apart from the basic word processing features, some advanced tools make Google Docs a more comprehensive tool than Microsoft Word. So, let’s see those features with the help of the pros of using this tool.

Pros of using Google Docs as a comprehensive writing tool:

  • Writing is a challenging task. So, sometimes it is hard for writers to type the documents. But Google Docs contains a ‘Voice Typing’ feature that converts the spoken terms into typed words, proving a timesaver for writers.
  • If the default functionality of Google Docs is not enough for you, you can use add-ons to enhance its functionality.
  • As Google Docs work with the collaboration of Google Drive, users can resume their work from other devices by accessing the same document.
  • This word processor also keeps the history of typed documents. So, suppose a user has accidentally made some changes to a text and saved those changes. In that case, he can return to those changes by accessing the document’s previous version.
  • There is no need to download a typed document for printing it because Google Docs can directly take the print of typed papers.
  • With Google Docs, you can directly publish the content to your blog and share it with others.
  • You can download a typed document in multiple formats, such as ‘.docx, ‘.pdf, ‘.rtf, ‘.odt, ‘.txt, ‘.html’ and ‘.epub.
  • Users can compare two documents with Google Docs to determine their difference quickly.

Google Docs is not an entirely perfect tool, as it has a few caveats. So, let’s see those caveats through the cons of using this tool.

Cons of using Google Docs as a comprehensive writing tool:

  • This word processor doesn’t save the document to Google Drive without an internet connection.
  • Its UI (User Interface) is much simpler than Microsoft Word.

2.     Campfire Write:

The second tool in this best content writing tools guide is for story writers. Its name is Campfire Write.

Campfire Write is a writing tool meant for organizing your story. There are many world-building and moving elements when writing fantasy or science fiction. So, sometimes it becomes challenging to keep track of everything. That’s where Campfire Write proves valuable.

It has all the tools that will help you organize your story. Some of the most popular tools are:

  • Character sheets – will contain the basic information of a character, like his name, age, gender, personality traits, backstory, physical attributes, statistics, etc.
  • Character acts – will contain the role of a character across different chapters of the book.
  • Timelines – will help connect each chapter’s story.

All in all, this tool has everything you can imagine including in your story. But let’s hover over some critical benefits of the Campfire Write.

Benefits of using Campfire Write for comprehensive writing:

  • With Timelines, you can create plots for each of your characters. Then, you can move them around to make sure everything works according to your expectations.
  • Campfire Write contains a magic system inside the world-building package, which helps in creating fantastic magic systems.
  • This tool’s simple and clean UI (User Interface) makes it easier for naïve users to get used to this tool.

Now, let’s discuss a few drawbacks of using Campfire Write as your primary writing tool.

Drawbacks of using Campfire Write for comprehensive writing:

  • Campfire Write is not an entirely free tool, as you will have to make a one-time purchase to use its features without any limitations.
  • The world-building pack comes as an extra add-on. So, if you want that pack, you will have to purchase it separately.

3.     Paraphaser:

Considering the importance of paraphrasing in all the writing industries, the third spot in the basic tools of writing content guide belongs to a paraphrasing tool. Its name is is an NLP and AI-based tool that understands the context of text before applying paraphrasing techniques. Once it understood the context, it then paraphrases the content according to its nature. So, it’s not like a conventional article rewriting and paraphrasing tool.

This paraphrasing tool has three rephrasing modes:

  • Fluency – the fluency mode works on content fluency while paraphrasing it.
  • Standard – the standard mode is the default paraphrasing mode of this tool, which uses traditional rephrasing techniques to paraphrase the content.
  • Creative – the creative mode is available for pro members only because it uses fancy vocabulary and high-end words to rephrase the content.

Now, let’s discuss the positive and negative points of this tool.

Positives of using for comprehensive writing:

  • io allows the users to upload content by pasting the copied text, uploading the document file and typing the content from scratch.
  • This tool can rephrase content written in multiple languages. So, users will not face language barrier issues in this tool.
  • This tool has an android and iOS app. Thus, users of respective operating systems can download this tool from their App Stores.
  • The rephrased content will be 100% original and it won’t destroy the original theme of the content.
  • Users can also try out the other valuable tools from, such as:
    • Article Rewriter – rewrites the entire uploaded content using a new strategy.
    • Plagiarism Checker – checks the content’s uniqueness by comparing it against online sources.
    • Grammar Checker – checks the uploaded content for grammatical and punctuation issues.
    • Text Summarizer – provides an overview of the uploaded content by understanding the essential points.
    • Citation Generator – creates references of copied content in MLA, APA and Chicago styles with one click.

            Negatives of using for comprehensive writing:

  • Often the rephrased content ruins the keyword structure. So, after paraphrasing the content, you will have to work on the keywords again.
  • This tool limits the users to 500 words only. So, it is not ideal for lengthy documents.
  • The free version contains ads, which might be annoying for some users.
  • Its premium plan is not worth purchasing because better alternatives are available.

4.     Grammarly:

The last tool in this 3+ best comprehensive writing list tool is the most popular document proofreader. Its name isGrammarly.

Grammarly is a writing-assistant tool that checks the uploaded content for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. It works with different English dialects, making it easier for English-speaking users worldwide to use this tool.

Apart from spelling, grammatical and punctuation, this tool also works on the conciseness and readability of the text. Thus, it provides users with different options to make their content more readable and concise.

Now, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Grammarly.

Advantages of using Grammarly:

  • It comes with one of the strictest and most highly respected plagiarism checkers among different writing niches.
  • This writing-assistant tool underlines the words and phrases that contain errors. This way, it becomes easier for users to locate the errors.
  • Users can use Grammarly as a word processor because it has all the basic features.
  • There is no need for copying-pasting the text because users can upload the document file in Grammarly to examine it.
  • Grammarly is rich in terms of its integration with other platforms because it has a Chrome extension, Microsoft Word add-in and Windows or macOS clients.

            Disadvantages of Grammarly:

  • Grammarly is a freemium tool because it provides basic-level assistance to registered-basic users. However, if you want to use its plagiarism checker or advanced-level suggestions, you must purchase its premium plan.
  • It is only helpful for English language users.

Takeaway – the Conclusion:

Writing is a time-consuming process. Therefore, creating a comprehensive piece in a limited amount of time can (sometimes) throw writers in a loop, which leads to unnecessary stress. The answer to this dilemma is simple — you don’t even have to find another tool or app to use when you can utilize the one you already have. Therefore, if you want to write something, these tools will help you get the job done effectively and efficiently.

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