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Microsoft Windows10 Free Download Full Version

windows 10 free download

Microsoft has clarified up another long-standing ambiguity: whether Insider Preview testers will receive a free copy of windows10 free download. And, in a way, the answer is YES. Those who have signed up to be a Windows Insider will continue to receive the full version of the Window’s 10 operating system as a free download for testing purposes indefinitely. They will be the first to receive all updates before the general public, allowing them to test it and provide feedback to Microsoft.

You can still download a free full version of Windows 10 if you don’t have Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1. If you can help Microsoft test all of the planned feature and security upgrades for Windows 10, you’ll be able to keep the latest Windows 10 operating system without paying anything, even if you do not have a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system.

Microsoft Windows10 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft has also clarified that it would continue to provide the most recent updates to Windows Insiders first, and only after they have certified that the updates are excellent or beneficial will the updates be released available to all other Windows 10 users. This is your one & only chance to receive the full version of Microsoft windows 10 free download, with no restrictions.

Windows 10 will be a subscription-based service that will be available for the life of the device. By device lifetime service, we mean thats Microsoft will continue to provide updates and upgrades as long as a user has a windows 10 free download.

The redesigned Edge Browser, Windows Hello, and an improved Virtual Desktop are just a few of the new features in windows 10 free download. The features you’ll get will be determined by the edition you choose and the devices you upgrade to. The Start Menu has returned, and Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, is also available. To keep malware at bay, new security features such as Enterprise Data Protection, Device Guard, Antimalware Scan Interface, and others will be available. Some features, such as the Media Center, have been eliminated, though.

windows 10 free download

This version of the Windows operating system has a user interface that is similar to that of Windows 7. It is available in both windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It comes in four different editions: Home, Pro, Education, and Enterprise. Its Windows Update function is set to install security updates automatically.

In terms of system requirements, the majority of the needs for windows 10 free download are the same as for Window’s 8.1. If your computer can run Window’s 8.1, installing Windows 10 – Home or Pro – should be simple.

You should be aware that you can use windows 10 free download indefinitely without a product key or activation, but some features will be blocked in the long run. Gone are the days when MS Office required customers to purchase a licence and rebooted their computers every 2-hours if the grace period for activation expired.

Free download of Windows 10 full version

This approach will assists you in obtaining the full version of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for free download and use for years to come. This opens the way for all Windows XP and Windows Vista customers to acquire a free copy of the final version of Windows 10.

windows 10 free download

Follow the procedures given below to acquire a free copy of Windows 10 full version.

  1. Go to insider.windows.com in your web browser.
  2. Select Get Started from the drop-down menu. Fill up your Microsoft account information, email address, and password in the sign-up box.
  3. click PC if you want a copy of windows 10 free download for your computer; click Phone if you want a copy of Windows 10 for your mobile device.
  4. A page titled “Is it right for me?” will appear. The page offers details about the most recent release of Windows 10 for PC or phone, depending on your preference; review the system requirements to determine if your device meets them.
  5. Scroll to the down of the page & click Get a Preview. To get the ISO file, go to the Download ISO link and click it.
  6. On the next page, write down the Windows 10 Preview key; you will not need it during installation, but you will need it if windows 10 free download asks you to activate the copy.
  7. Select the language you want your Windows 10 copy to be in from the list of Languages.
  8. Choose if you want free 64-bit or 32-bit Windows 10.
  9. Select the download option and wait for the ISO file to download.
  10. Save the ISO to a USB drive or a DVD.
  11. Boot from a USB or DVD and install Windows Preview if you want a clean installation; if you don’t want to lose your apps and settings, boot to your existing operating system and execute setup.exe from the DVD or USB to which you burned the Windows 10 ISO file. Keep updating Windows 1o when new updates become available.
  12. Congratulations, you have now qualified for a free copy of Windows 10 Home or Pro.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to keep your Insider account current, which means you’ll have to log in every few weeks. You can chooses whether or not to provide feedback, but your account must be active. That way, you’ll get free updates to windows 10 free download final version without having to pay anything.

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