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Top 10 Women’s Personal Safety Apps for Android

Women's Personal Safety Apps for Android

Women have more influence than ever in the globe today. However, mishaps and crimes against women continue to occur. So why not women security if many other things are managed through mobile devices?

The top Android personal safety applications for women are highlighted in this post. These applications offer a variety of features to provide women with the security they require, from SOS alert and emergency contacts to location sharing and community advice. Take out the list to check which one best suits you.

Top 10 Women’s Personal Safety Apps for Android

1. Noonlight


With the help of the innovative app Noonlight, you can deal to both current and potential threats. First, you can use it if you’re unsure whether to call 911 or not. It works in two different ways. Second, you can utilise it if you genuinely need assistance from the authorities and are in trouble.

When you’re in a tense situation, simply press and hold the button on your Android phone. Only let go when you’re in serious peril. Simply press the button when you are genuinely in danger, and the local police will be notified of your location. To get assistance, you can also SMS or call.



An app called SHEROES is just for women. In addition to using it for safety and reporting, women can use it to socialise, look for employment, get health and beauty advice, and seek women’s health advice.

In the app’s community, you can talk about personal and family concerns and report domestic violence by husbands or partners. In other words, you can get professional advice in any area involving women.

3. SOS Alert

SOS Alert

With the help of the emergency Android app SOS Alert, you can contact your emergency contacts in a perilous situation and let them know where you are.

It provides no advertising and has a very user-friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone. With just one-tap, you can send your emergency contacts to your need for assistance or even send pre-stored SOS texts.

4. Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

This app works both online and offline safety and is appropriate for the entire family. You may establish parental restrictions and monitor your child’s online activity using the Microsoft Family Safety App to protect them from the dangers of the internet.

In order to always know where your family is going and to gain family on their driving, you may track their location. Even without an internet connection, location sharing functions.

5. Personal Safety

Personal Safety

You can maintain touch with your emergency contacts and first responders thanks to the Personal Safety safety app for Pixel phones. With it, you can share your current location in real-time and specify a time in your phone after which the automatic emergency sharing begins.

6. Guardians


You can invite friends and family members as your guardians with the Guardian app so they will be notified in the case of an emergency. Only your guardians may be able to see the GPS location you share.

For your guardians to always be aware of your location, you can also enable “forever sharing.” They can also be notified of other important safety-related information, such as the battery life and network strength of your phone.

7. Women Safety


The Women Safety app does what its name implies: it alerts your loved ones if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. The app is simple and quick, and it may email your emergency contacts your location, two images, a video, or an audio message along with your location.

To let your emergency contacts know if you are safe, in a cautious situation, or in actual danger, you can hit the green, orange, and red buttons, accordingly.

8. Sekura


Sekura is an app for women’s safety against street harassment and risky circumstances, with a straightforward and colourful user interface. It has four buttons: one for calling an emergency number, one for siren ringing, one for sending a message with your location.

9. UrSafe


UrSafe is an Android app for hands-free personal safety that connects to 911 so you can notify the authorities if you are in a dangerous situation. You may programme safe words to launch particular replies in this voice-activated security app. More than 200 nations allow the use of Ursafe.

10. WanderSafe Safety App

WanderSafe Safety App

An excellent travel app is WanderSafe. You can explore the neighbourhood using the location-based maps it provides, and it will warn you if you enter an unsafe area.

The app has an SOS button that notifies three emergency contacts and a personal assistant that guides you through reliable data sources so you may venture outside with confidence.

You may feel secure and safe with the help of SoSecure. It has a virtual ADT assistance that is always by your side. Along with many other features, it offers you roadside help, crash detection, and voice-activated emergency call.


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