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Check Out 10 WooCommerce Themes (2022)


Were you going to give up hunting for a good WooCommerce WordPress theme to open you in starting an online store?

You are not exactly sure what to search for though. You only know that you need a WooCommerce theme that is quick to set up and list your goods for sale. resulting in high conversion rates in the end.

It can be challenging to find such a fantastic WooCommerce WordPress theme, and many claim to offer the best solutions. However, they can be lacking crucial features that are necessary to design a genuinely innovative store and create it as efficiently and effectively as feasible.

To make this possible, you need a WordPress theme with WooCommerce that provides the best design options and settings. one that fully satisfies your needs.

This article includes a list of the top 10 WooCommerce themes, at least one of them should satisfy your demands and needs.

1. The largest WordPress and WooCommerce theme is BeTheme.


With BeTheme’s 40+ key features at your disposal, you can quickly and easily create any form of website. The following subset of Be’s main features will come in very handy if you are planning on building an online store.

  • You can drag, drop, and modify your way to building an online store with appealing, pixel-perfect, and 100% responsive product pages and other pages with BeBuilder and BeBlocks.
  • You can easily make custom WooCommerce layouts, attribute swatches, drop-down logins, and other user-friendly features by using BeBuilder Woo.
  • To create device-specific headers, the Header Builder combines drag and drop with absolute, fixed, or static placements.
  • You can mix components anyway you like with the Mega Menu Builder.

To see a detailed description of BeTheme’s capabilities, click the banner.

2. WoodMart


Visit the website to get a quick impression of what this WooCommerce theme may achieve for you despite the impressive list of WoodMart features that you won’t find in most other eCommerce-oriented themes.

Even yet, seeing just the website photographs on this WooCommerce theme won’t alert you. These are a few of them:

  • 80+ importable pre-built demo websites; demos can be merged to create pages; an easy-to-use setup tutorial.
  • A collection of 400 templates, plus specialised pages, which are great for prototyping if you’re not sure how you want to present a product.
  • Several options on how to present the product page.
  • Support for Elementor and WPBakery; • A complete AJAX shop with a useful selection of AJAX shop filters.

2,200+ customers have reviewed WoodMart, giving it an overall rating of 4.95. To check more, click the banner.

3. Rey Theme


Performance and creativity were taken into consideration when creating the Rey WooCommerce theme. The four pillars of eCommerce—product filtering, searching, templating, and navigation—receive special consideration.

Rey offers strong Elementor extensions and integrates with WooCommerce, among other features. • Rey has power in header building, mega menus, smart search, Quick View, Ajax search, and a number of shopper-focused features, such as a cart page progress bar to cart discounts and promote conversions. Elementor page builder content may be inserted anywhere in any page.

  • Paged navigation, load more, and load more on scroll options are available with Ajax Navigation.

Rey is adaptable, SEO-friendly, developer-friendly, and unquestionably performance-oriented. The banner can be clicked to click more.

4. TheGem is a creative multi-purpose WooCommerce theme.


In addition to offering a virtual Swiss Army knife of WooCommerce site building tools and options, TheGem is a top-selling premium WordPress theme.

Fast loading, high performance, and a large library of pre-built designs are some of TheGem’s standout features.

  • 400+ WooCommerce-focused designs and TheGem’s WooCommerce builder.
  • Product grids, Ajax filters, a shop mega menu, Ajax live search, and more. • Elementor and WPBakery page builders.

5. WordPress theme


Total is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme with a suitable name, and it has all the features you require to create a creative, pixel-perfect, high-converting online store.

They include the following in their packages:

  • A great variety of section templates, site-building components, and quick start samples.
  • Integrated WooCommerce options for product pages, colours, fonts, and social media sharing.

All of the most popular plugins are completely compatible with Total.

6. Uncode – A Creative WooCommerce Theme, version


You may enjoy the same performance that more than 100.000 customers have with Uncode right at your fingertips.

The WooCommerce theme from Uncode features an innovative Page Builder, a Wireframes plugin with 550+ section layouts, and powerful WooCommerce and customer-focused features.

The best way to fully appreciate Uncode’s impressive capabilities is to look through its gallery of user-made websites.

7. Avada Theme


Being the best-selling WordPress theme for more than six years is impressive, but it makes sense given that Avada is among the most reliable and feature-rich WooCommerce themes available.

  • An impressive range of theme and page options that give you total control over building your website, according to Avada.
  • A WooCommerce shopping experience that is both user-friendly and beautiful; • The Fusion Builder and Fusion Toolbox, which combine the power of drag and drop with a plethora of page-building options.

8. Hongo, a contemporary and multifunctional WooCommerce WordPress theme


Hongo is a cutting-edge multipurpose theme perfect for creating WooCommerce stores and business-oriented websites.

Some of Hongo’s most notable features are as follows:

  • A collection of simple-to-use template components for building pages.
  • 12 striking store demos that will inspire your creativity, coupled with 10 contemporary styles from which to choose to select your products.

Use the page builder from WPBakery.

  • Easy access to WordPress customizer and WPBakery shortcodes.

9. The best WordPress WooCommerce theme for online stores is Xstore.


An online store created with XStore makes its builders—more than 65,000 of them—and customers happy.

It has the following features: • An XStore-built website ensures satisfying user experiences.

  • The builder’s job is made easier by the 120+ prebuilt, online shops.
  • The site is enjoyable for everyone when cart countdown, cart progress bar, and other sales booster features are combined.

In addition to having a single product builder, XStore is SEO friendly and features with WPBakery and Elementor.

10. Jupiter X


When it comes to WooCommerce, Jupiter X is serious, particularly with the X2 version that gives website builders features they often associate with Elementor Pro.

Features of Jupiter X

  • An enhanced full site editor with a layout builder.
  • Checkout optimization features you seldom ever find in other themes, like sales funnels, discounts and coupons, and smart checkout notices; a product catalogue and sophisticated product checkout builders; and

Making an engaging online store can be challenging. Unless you’ve chosen a WooCommerce-focused WordPress theme to utilise, which features with lots of helpful eCommerce-focused capabilities.

Pick out how simple it is to create a profitable online store by selecting at random one of these top 10 WooCommerce WordPress themes.

We advise you to spend some time to check each one so you can pick which one best suits you.


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