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The Top 11 Games for Android and iOS That Are Like World of Warcraft [MMORPG]

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been ones of the most widely played MMORPGs since its introduction in 2004. It hold the Guinness World Records for the MMORPG with the highest level of player popularity. WoW is without a doubt the best massively multiplayer online role-playing game available right now.

For Android and iOS, there are a few different games similar to World of Warcraft. These games promise to provide a fantastic gaming experience thanks to their amazing graphics, captivating stories, and engaging gameplay.

The best mobile and tablet games comparable to World of Warcraft

  1. Genshin Impact
  2. Dungeon Hunter 5
  3. SoulCraft
  4. Grimvalor
  5. LifeAfter
  6. Eternium
  7. AdventureQuest 3D MMORPG
  8. Exiled Kingdom RPG
  9. Nexon Axe
  10. Blade&Soul Revolution
  11. Era of Legends – Shadow of War

1. Genshin Impact: The Best Android Games Like World of Warcraft

The Genshin Impact is your best option if you enjoy travelling. The game is set in the Teyvat world, which has seven distinct nations. An unnamed god in Teyvat separates the twins who make up the fictional character known as The Traveler after they travel several other realms. Changing characters rapidly allows you to use a range of attacks and skills while in combat.

Although there is a multi-player mode in this game, a maximum of 4 players can join you. Additionally, through finishing tasks, you can unlock three extra characters. Additionally, you may always use the in-game currency to buy additional weapons from in-app stores if you run out.

2. The Dungeon Hunter 5 – Best Dungeon Games Similar to World of Warcraft

Gameloft created and released this game in 2015. There are five different characters to choose from when the game first begins. Each character’s first weapons make up the majority of their differences. Additionally, you can pay your pals to act as your allies. Additionally, if you enjoy competition, you can play online against players from all around the world.

Aside from its stunning aesthetics, the creators of this game paid close attention to even the smallest of details. This game would be perfect for you if you like Dungeon Hunter 4, its predecessor. The location, use of potions and skill attacks, etc. are all somewhat similar to DH4. The DH5 setting, however, is different because it takes place in dungeons rather than an open world.

3. SoulCraft – The 3 Best iOS Games to Play Like World of Warcraft

SoulCraft appears to be my favourite among the games on my list of World of Warcraft games for Android and iOS users. I’m a major fan of 3D video games, and the 3D action RPG SoulCraft is! Seven angels in the game are in charge of defending the planet from hordes from hell. You will be one of those angels as a player, and your only task will be to combat the evil gang. You’ll start with a large sword, but you can eventually acquire up axes, hammers, and other weapons.

You will have enough to keeps you occupied for a while with the five unique game types.

4. Grimvalor: The Best Android Games Like World of Warcraft

This one is for the thrill seekers. Action-adventure role-playing game Grimvalor was developed and published by Direlight. As a player, you gets to control a warrior who is exploring the Vallaris kingdom. This game has a Metroidvania style, which calls for a lot of exploration and puzzle-solving. Combat is quite easy.

Simply holding the attack button will hurt the adversary. To acquire a potent charge attack for occasional usage, you must build your Focus. But in order to build Focus, you must gather Soul Shards and defeat your enemies.

5. LifeAfter – The Best Wow-Like Mobile MMORPG PvP Games

If you love the movies “Walking Dead” or “I Am Legend,” you should definitely give this a shot. The plot goes as follows: After a horrible virus decimated your planet, horrifying mutant monsters, zombies, and a few human survivors now wander the planet.

I adore how realistic everything is in this game. You will go through an brief tutorial to learn the fundamentals as soon as you join in to this game. In this game, there is a lot of building and crafting. While battling zombies and other monsters, you can scavenge for food and shelter. The Android and iOS game LifeAfter is deserving of a place on this list of World of Warcraft games.

6. Eternium – Best Free Offline Games for Android Similar to World of Warcraft

DreamPrimer, formerly known as SnowGlobe games, developed Eternium, formerly known as Mage and Minions. What excites me most abouts this game is this: You can watch your enemies burn to a char, rip them to bits, or smite them to dust with a few mouse clicks. Even attacking your enemies is possible by swiping on them. Believe me, the power is awesome!

For PC users, I have good news. Eternium is costless! You can also get the in-game money by defeating your adversaries.

Try these games if you’re actually looking for something novel and exciting. I’m confident you would discover a whole new set of favourite games by the time you finished reading this list of Android and iOS games like World of Warcraft!

7. 3D MMORPG AdventureQuest

For Android and iOS, AdventureQuest is an MMPORG with a fair playthrough and character game options. Up to 34 various hairstyles, colour schemes, and skin tones can be applied to the characters. Making sure your keys are properly bound will help you avoid any difficulties while playing the game.

Instead of turning to face the camera directly, the character can, for instance, backpedal.

Updated consumables are available in AdventureQuest to fix the specific issues common to PvP bouts. It also offers quests that can be completed and returned with special goodies.

Additionally, issues can be resolved by accessing the Quest Log via the tracked quest. AdventureQuest is a wonderful option if you’re looking for Android and iOS mobile games similar to World of Warcraft.

8. RPG Exiled Kingdom

Single-player Action-RPG Exiled Kingdoms is accessible on iOS and Android. It is based on an original open world where you can wander about at will. It is an isometric game featuring difficult landscapes and alternative paths for your character’s development, similar to World of Warcraft & Clash of Clans. You can create your own playstyle thanks to the variety of weapons and skills available right away. Because there aren’t markers for everything, you have to explore the game to uncover quests, which makes it more engaging.

The paths may use some improvement. On some cities, it could be difficult to find non-playable characters and you might be stuck in the outskirts. It would be an great addition to the game if shields could remain on during zoning and there was some more buffer time. It’s a fantastic game and among the best for Android and iOS games, comparable to World of Warcraft.

9. Nexon Axe

Nexon Red created the MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire in 2019 for Android and iOS. In each group, there are three playable classes available to players. From the Alliance faction, you get an Archer, a Titan, and a Blademaster; from the Empire faction, you get a Valkyrie, a Warrior, and a Mage.

It features stunning visuals, thrilling quests, side missions, dungeons, raids, and other activities that provide fun PvP and PvE game modes with difficult bosses. AxE: Alliance vs Empire is the game for you if you’re looking for Android and iOS mobile games that are similar to World of Warcraft.

10. Blade & Soul Revolution

A 2019 MMORPG game for Android called Blade&Soul Revolution was developed by Netmarble. It has a lot of fun features, such Windwalk, which makes it easier to move around the vast open world of the game. Battles in the game can be played manually or automatically with simply a push of a button. Blade&Soul’s sharply detailed graphics and really compelling plot make even the small in-app purchases worthwhile.

But since you can’t make modifications once you’ve designed the character the first time, the game would benefit from making the characters customizable again. Therefore, Blade & Soul Revolution is among the best mobile games for Android and iOS if you like World of Warcraft.

11. Shadow of War in Era of Legends

This games is for you if you enjoy playing mobile games with swords and magic spells similar to World of Warcraft. Open-world MMORPG Era of Legends is a free-to-game title. You can discover millions of secrets by scouring its enormous open world, which is home to a wide variety of beasts, combos, and creatures. As you fly on the gryphon, you can see how detailed the images are in addition.

Eight distinct classes with various specialities may be found in Era of Legends. You may create diverse combos that are ideal for any enemy or situation by combining your class with the magic beasts’ skills. If you’re a consumables collector, you can find a wide variety of items around the game as you explore, such as mystical monsters, mounts, hero skins, and much more.

If players could customise items other than characters’ clothing, the game would be much better. It also requires more distant players of both playable and non-playable characters. A second bank in the game to store equipment or valuables would also be a strong incentive. Nevertheless, it is among the best World of Warcraft-like mobile games available for iOS and Android.


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