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Suppose you have unique content and want to publish it on then you are most welcome. Techgigs is one of the fastest-growing Technology blogs which covers the latest topics on technology, Business, startups, eCommerce, digital marketing, Software Reviews, and much more. We also frequently post tips, listing, and stunts as well which will help our readers.

We want usable and academic information for our textbooks. 

Guidelines :

1. Content Must be unique & high quality, applicable, and have at least 1000+ words and more. Your Post must be free of grammatical & spelling errors. Do not submit copied and spin content.

 2. Add at smallest one picture with your post. Image speaks a thousand word.

 3. We allow connections to the article; nevertheless it will relevant to the article & have added some extra knowledge. Whilst We do not allow affiliate links and malicious URLs in post.

 4. Article must be appropriate to our blog topics. Non relevant content cannot be published. You can write any topics which cover our blog’s class.

 5. We reserve the freedom to reject or change any post without prior to any information.

 6. We reserve the freedom to edit the center for grammatical errors and structure.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Post once published on our blog will not be removed.
  • We will take 1 or 2 business day to read your article. If it match all our guidelines, then we post it on our website.
  • You can’t publish the same article/post on other blog/Website.
  • If the link is found broken at any point in time, then we’ll unlink it asap. You’ve to make a fresh recommendation to add the link again.
  • We reserved all requests to alter the terms and conditions at any point in time.
  • Don’t send the copy and spin content (article/post)
  • After published post on our website and we find same post published on another website, we will remove the content. 
  • If you consent with our procedures then send the article by mail in word file.

Topics you can write around are as pursuing:

  • Small enterprise ideas/
  • Entrepreneurship and Startup stories / Inspiring entrepreneur
  • Business & Startups
  • Ecommerces & Technology
  • Digital Marketing / Marketing Tips
  • Latest Trends
  • Software’s Reviews
  • Gadgets Reviews
  • Products Reviews
  • Ecommerce Platforms Reviews
  • SEO & Marketing Tools Reviews

To submit a post you have to simply ready up your article and send it to us. we will verify your content & publish it on our blog. A confirmation email will be shipped to your considering your article status whether it will accepted and rejected.


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