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Reason & Solution for Z Shadow Link Not Working

z shadow

If you’ve heard of z shadow, I’m guessing you know familiar with the basics of hacking. Z Shadow was a well-known website that created phishing pages for well-known websites.

The z shadow website has recently stopped operating. If you are looking for a reason why this website isn’t working and a solution, you’ve come to the right place.

Imagediamond has its own audience, and many people will be unfamiliar with z-shadow.

What exactly was Z shadow?

Z shadow was a website where people could get phoney login pages for big websites including Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, and others.

You’ll receive someone’s username and password if they log in to that bogus login page. This website employs the phishing technique. Phishing is a common technique for gaining access to people’s social media accounts.

Basically, you design a phoney login page that seems identical to the real one. You will receive the username and password when someone logs in.

This was made a little easier using Z shadow. Instead than utilising programming to create phishing pages from scratch. Phishing pages for major websites were pre-installed. By creating an account on z shadow, anyone can generate a unique link to these pages.

Why Isn’t Z Shadow Working? I’m no longer the founder of the z shadow, nor do I know who the founder is. I believe the following is the reason why z shadow is no longer available:

Monetisation: Ads were producing money for Z shadow. Because z shadow was illegal, there was no way to use a popular ad network that could generate a good income. The hacking piqued the interest of Z shadow users, who rarely clicked on the ad. Which results in a low income.

This could have been the reason of Z shadow’s demise.

Problems with Hosting: It was illegal. When someone engages in illegal operations on a large scale using the internet, he will undoubtedly face problems. I’m sure these major corporations made steps to eliminate the z shaodw.

Hosting providers do not tolerate anything illegal, which is why if they receive a request from a reputable organisation, they will suspend the account.

This could have been the reason of Z Shadow’s demise.

Optional Solution

Another website with comparable features to z shadow exists. However, that website is also unavailable these days. I’m referring to anomor. This website is most likely already familiar to you.

There is a different solution to deal with these sites. That is, programming is used to create a phishing page from scratch.

I know you don’t know programming and have no desire to learn it. For you, I’ve built phishing code that you can upload to any hosting and provide the victim the URL to.

However, there is one major issue. These codes will not function if you are using a free hosting service. You’ll have to pay for paid hosting. These premium hosting businesses offer a 30-day or longer money-back guarantee.

I hope you receive your login information within 30 days, after which you may request a refund. There are several low-cost hosting options.

Here are the phishing codes, in either case.

These codes are compatible with Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. Check out this article on Gmail.

By adding /?id=facebook to the end of the URL, you can get to Facebook.

Replace facebook with instagram for instagram. The same may be said for z shadow Snapchat.

Check out this article if you don’t know how to upload and need a step-by-step guide.

Final Thoughts

I hope you received a answer to your questions as well as an z shadow alternate solution. If you run into any of issues, please let me know in the comments area. I will gladly assist you.

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